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About Me

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A 30 something (far more 30 than 40 let me add) blogger with a passion for fashion (yes I dropped that cliché) I also rather enjoy eating and drinking, traveling and my home city called Dubai. So in a nutshell this is what my blog is all about: Fashion, Things on my plate and Travel its as simple as that.

Me in 30 seconds:

I work in Dubai, in Luxury, lived here for over 5 years, on the Palm and love it! From the UK, recently married, no children and shop on a very frequent basis.

Oh yes and my name: pre marriage I was Hannah Crowder and now I am Hannah Pierce!

Whats is the name Mode Devoted?CSC_0010

Well its quite simple really..

Mode stands for:

A way in which something is experienced, expressed, or done! AND

The current fashion or style

Devoted stands for:

To apply or dedicate (oneself) to some pursuit or cause – which is what I am for this blog!!!

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