Summer Wardrobe Essentials

OK so this post isnt really so relevant for me here in Dubai as Summer means furnace but by Summer, to me, I mean Holiday wear and dressing for sunny claimants.

If your not sure what you should have in your wardrobe, or invest in this Summer, then read on as we cover all the basics from neutrals, to rompers, and everything in between so even if you don’t have the latest trends, you’ll be sure to find something in the back of your closet.

So here are 11 wardrobe essentials to inspire you 

1. Neutrals

Summer Wardrobe Essentials

Neutrals have made a very strong statement on the runways this season and demanded that you not be afraid to wear them! Although neutrals can sometimes wash out a complexion, it’s important to choose the right kind of neutral for your skin color. Neutrals are also great for summer because they keep you cool and they’re super fun to accessorize. If you’re not a fan of neutral hued clothing in general, opt for a pair of neutral wedges or an over-sized leather bag.

How to wear White and Nude

2. Tropical Prints

There’s no better time to steal the tropical look than in tropical, blistering heat! Tropical prints add a punch of color and, when paired with crisp white hues or neutrals, can look very sexy. Pick up a tropical print frock to make a statement

#OOTD Charlie Jade Two Piece top & Skirt

3. Sailor Stripes – Go Nautical!

Summer Wardrobe Essentials

Arrrgghh matey, do ya love sailor stripes? If so, it’s your sailing summer! Sailor stripes have never been so hot, and now you can get sailor striped pants, shoes, shirts, jackets, skirts, ANYTHING to channel your inner sailor girl.

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4. Shirt Dresses

Shirt dresses are the perfect summer staple because they’re super comfy, easy to wear, and you can throw them over a bathing suit. What’s more is that a shirt dress can go from a lunch date to a night on the down. Just switch your flats for a pair of heels and you’re good to go!

#OOTD – The Sexy, Super, Star Shirt Dress

5. Rompers

Love em or hate em rompers have made a huge splash this summer and that’s because they’re virtually fuss free! Think about it…you have an outfit all made for you in one piece. All you need to do is throw on some accessories and wear it with flats, flip-flops, sandals, wedges, or heels

Shopping for a jumpsuit?

6. The Cut out Dresses

Cut out dresses are here to stay – they are fun and when the cut is in the right place can be uber flattering. They bring a fun, flirty, twist to your traditional Summer dress

#OOTD – Feeling kandylicious – Shopbop’s ONE by boutique

7. The Maxi Dress

Ok this is a no brainer! , What is it about it that feels so comfy, but looks so fancy? This staple can take you from a day on the patio to an evening soiree. Note the The Maxi dresses may be known as one of summer’s must-have staples but it can also take your wardrobe to new heights all year long as they work well with boots, sneakers, and sandals!

#OOTD Flower Power from BB Dekota

8. Florals

So I know you won’t find this ground breaking but I couldn’t do this post with out adding it! The floral trend still continues from previous years with printed pants, mini- dresses, skirts, and everything else retailers can put a flower on. Florals are all about having fun with fashion and embracing the joy and romance of summer. Be prepared to embrace your inner lady with floral print dresses, swimsuits

Over view of the different Florals

9. Something Bright

Nothing says summer more than wearing a bright outfit so WELCOME to a season of colour confidence. Eye-popping fuchsia, zingy yellow and tropical green now rules. Tip: start name-checking Balenciaga’s bold disco pants now (oh, and don’t forget to switch your fail-safe black work bag for a bold new shade). Style your summer separates with a newfound sense of freedom and get ready to dress like a rainbow!

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10. White

Whether you’re headed for the beach or the city streets this summer, there’s something about an all-white ensemble that keeps things simple, yet chic, and is an easy way

#OOTD: The perfect white dress

11. Off the shoulder

Showing a little shoulder is huge, whether it is with one sleeve or a cold shoulder! You will have see all the designers and high street stores stock this trend and will continue to do so but the trend has evolved slightly – think spaghetti straps or layering another shirt underneath your off-the-shoulder shirt!

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So that is my list of Summer Wardrobe Essentials, what are yours? whats the one outfit you cant live with out in the Summer?