Fashion exclusives from international brands – get the best UK deals via online shopping in Dubai

online shopping in Dubai

Bagging fashion exclusives with international brands isn’t as tricky as it might seem – and it’s actually becoming more common among consumers in the Middle East. According to recent research from GO-Gulf, top motivating factors for shopping cross-border are safe payments (49 percent), free shipping (49 percent) and the opportunity to buy items that aren’t available locally (39 percent).

There’s no need to miss out on the latest lines from your favourite stores – from shipping information to discounts on delivery, here’s our guide to getting to online shopping in Dubai and how to access the best of high street fashion in the UK, including those found at Westfield centres in London.

Successful shipping

The first thing you should do before you begin shopping in-store is find out whether you’re able to ship the goods to your country if you need to – particularly if you’re planning a big spree, as this could mean you’ve got too much luggage at the airport when you return home. Some items, such as nail varnish and certain exotic fabrics, have restrictions which mean they cannot be shipped to all areas, so make sure you’ve checked these out before you buy. If you’re unable to ship overseas with the store, then you should look into other options – try asking at your hotel or at your nearest post office.

International deliveries do come with a cost, so this is something to bear in mind when browsing. There may be additional charges, such as duties and tax, which you’ll be warned about before payment – however, in some cases, these may be covered by the delivery cost. If you’re based in the Middle East and shopping in the UK, it’s also important to bear in mind that if you do choose to ship any items, you won’t be able to claim back VAT.

Dealing with delays 

With most orders, you’ll be given a tracking number that you can then use to check the status of your delivery online. So, if your parcel is delayed, this tracking service can potentially explain why, giving you timings for when it was dispatched, when it was in transit, and when it arrived at your local postal operator.

If there are serious delays to your order, then the first thing you should do is contact the brand in question’s customer service team. They should be able to tell you the whereabouts of your package, or handle your refund should you require one.

Bag the best deals 

If it’s looks from the high street you’re after, but you don’t want to spend loads of money, then head to the sale sections of the stores you’re browsing. You can find some brilliant discounts there, with many international brands offering up to 70 percent off some of their items if you get there fast enough.

Place such as Westfield London or Stratford City are great for shopping designer brands as well as high street stores, and if you visit during the sales (January is a good time, as is Boxing Day (December 26) you can often pick up items that have been heavily reduced. When it comes to shipping, some brands may even offer free international delivery if you spend a certain amount with them, which is great news if you’re planning a big order.

Timings for your order 

Once you’ve arranged for an item to be shipped back to your country, you’ll be supplied with all the relevant delivery information, including how long it’ll take to get to your door. Remember that these are only estimated times, though, and there are some things that could slow the delivery process down – such as customs clearance procedures, which vary from country to country.

Another thing to note is that your delivery date will be based on when your items are shipped, rather than ordered, so make sure you’ve got these dates clear in your mind before you panic about there being a delay. Always get a receipt as well, and insure your items in the event of loss or damage.