Today I am wearing a rather versatile, blue dresses purchased form Zara. Whether you are going about your everyday routine or heading out for work or dinner out you can wear this dress.

Fashion Tips for how to wear a blue dress

Many women look great in blue dresses. Accessorizing them can be a bit tricky for the inexperienced wearer but here are a few tips.

  • For the evening wear with metallics ie gold & silver. Consider strappy gold sandals, a gold cuff bracelet, or a silver clutch purse.
  • For an office-appropriate look, pair with simple shoes and  jewelry.
  • On casual days, adorn a blue sundress with a colorful scarf or top it with a cardigan in another shade of blue, such as turquoise or navy. Slip on comfortable black or nude ballet flats and carry an oversized neutral-colored satchel to complete the look.

Selecting Accessories for your Blue Dress


Vivid blue dresses always grab attention; however, wearing too much makeup or bright colors, can create a clown-like appearance. Instead, go for a more minimalist makeup approach. Nude make up is an excellent choice, but soft peaches and pinks can work as well. If you do want to add a pop of color to your face, choose one area. Try a bright pink lipstick with a neutral lip or bright eye makeup with neutral cheeks and lips.


When choosing jewelry for your cobalt blue dress, you have to basic options. You can opt for simple jewelry or create a color block effect with contrasting jewel tones.


Handbags can make or break any outfit. Think about the entire effect of your look when selecting your handbag. Nude, metallics, and multicolored handbags complement cobalt blue clothing. However, if you have opted for colored jewelry, a colorful bag is not the best choice. If you are wearing metallic jewelry and a nude or black shoe, a coordinating metallic handbag could be very flattering.


Nude shoes are the top choice for a blue dress, because they allow the dress to be the center of attention. Nude shoes can also create a flattering lean and long silhouette when wearing a bright blue dress. Metallic or black shoes are other options.

How I wore my blue dress

 how to wear a blue dress



 how to wear a blue dress

 how to wear a blue dress

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Here are few other ways I have styled a blue dress

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