From bloggers to celebrities, turbans are the “in” thing at the moment and boy do I love this trend.

In addition to sparkling diamonds, red lipstick, and a fabulous fur (real or faux, folks), there’s no fashion statement quite as glamorous as the turban.

The piece—most often worn as customary headwear throughout South Asia, Southeast Asia, the Near East, North Africa, and other parts of the world—has found its way into the fashion realm, and has long been a staple of old Hollywood starlets (most notably on Gloria Swanson as Norma Desmond in 1950’s cult classic “Sunset Boulevard”) and modern-day women looking to add a unique touch to their looks.

How to wrap a Turban

Take the pointed tip of the front of scarf and tuck under the fabric at the crown of the head. Now you should have the perfect turban! Fold large square scarf to about a 1 to 2 inch width. Place center of the scarf at the base of the neck and bring left and right ends to the crown of the head

How to wear a Turban

Whether you’re partial to solid already-formed styles, or tying your own with a colorful vintage scarf, a turban can add a touch of drama to anything from jeans and white T-shirt, to a sweeping evening dress.

There are many many ways that you can rock it, so read below to check out the different styles and play around until you find a style that works for you…

1. You could go full on.

That means covering your whole head in fabric. Choose a fabric that’s big enough and make sure that it doesn’t clash with your oufit, as it is quite an accessory. After that, wrap the fabric around your head. Play around with different shapes and sizes, until you’re satisfied. The bigger you fabric is – the bigger your turban will be and vice versa.
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2.If you’re not fully committed to the look, then a simple headwrap is for you.
Just use a small piece of fabric and tie it in the front of your head… still revealing the top of your hair though. You can choose to do a knot or a bow, its up to you.
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