I am a firm believer of following the fashion trend that suits one’s body and personality, and not being a fashion victim. But this season, I am seeing some trends anybody and everybody can follow, and if done tastefully, everybody can pull off.

1. Pastels – Spring is the season of color. And bright colors are always in vogue during this season. But if you are not yet ready to explore the color wheel in all its deep shades, try delicate pastels. Try a single hued pastel dress or color block with two or more different shades for a day to night look.

2. A Hint of Neon – Neon is ‘the’ trend for Spring 2012 and is going to stay here for the good part of the summer too. A head to toe neon is difficult to pull off- unless you are Nicki Minaj – but a hint of neon in your outfit, accessories even in nails can liven up your look. I love neon handbags and necklaces for their color and style impact.

3. Peplum – Peplum is the style where an extra flounce is sewn into the waistline of a fitted sheath, skirt or a jacket to create an hour glass figure. This old Hollywood glamour style has taken the fashion world by storm this year. No matter what size or shape you are, peplum style outfits always flatter the body.

4. Colored Denim – This trend has been there for past couple of seasons, but this Spring, colored denim is everywhere- from celebrities to fashion bloggers to the sidewalks of the City. Even Duchess of Cambridge came on board with this trend during her visit to London’s Olympic Park!

5. Print Mixing – Print mixing this Spring/Summer is what color blocking was last fall/winter! There are no rules and no limits. Mixing tribal patterns with botanical prints, polka dots with florals and stripes with abstract prints create unique, fun styles that will leave you looking fresh all season long!

Which trend(s) are you currently sporting/most likely to try?

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