Here are 15 tips on how to pack and travel light

As we are about to embark on our very first family holiday (ie my husband and I with twins!) I am looking at packing in a whole new light! I have never held back on outfits and thinking of what I need to pack as space has never been an issue traveling as a couple (with a husband that doesn’t pack much so I also use his allocated space) but now traveling with twins tings are different! However this does not mean I want to sacrifice wearing the same outfits over and over again so here are some of my top tips on how to pack and travel light

The key: versatile pieces that can be re-worn and fashioned into several looks – stick to a key colour pallet (for me this was red, black and grey because we where traveling back for Christmas) Think neutral colors with flashes of color to be brought in with shoes, purses and accessories. (I strongly believe you can transform any outfit with accessories)

My top 15 tips on how to pack and travel light:

  1. Invest in a light weight suitcase – this is going to allow you to pack a lot more heavier items
  2. Layer to change your look for example layering a jumper over a dress will give the illusion of a skirt
  3. pack items that can be dressed up or down ie a dress that looks great with tights and boots but then also in the evening with heels
  4. underwear doesn’t take up much room but its unnecessary to pack loads as you can wash very easily (lace dries the quickest)
  5. buy adjustable necklaces so you only need one to fit all your different neck lines
  6. I swap a pair of denim jeans with lightweight formal leggings with pockets (much lighter but just as functional)
  7. Wear the bulky items in transit – I will be wearing my jeans, t-shirt, jumper and jacket (my jacket would take up a lot of space in the case)
  8. Pack oversize shirts, these can be used to layer over or under all your outfits
  9. Packing cubes are a great way to pack for each day (if you would like to be super organized). They also help keep things from getting wrinkled, which seems to always happen once you start digging through your bag no matter how great you fold/roll your items.
  10. One of the simplest but often overlooked packing tips is to put heavier items at the bottom of your suitcase, meaning the short end where the wheels are—it’s easier to roll a bag through long airport hallways when the weight is down there.
  11. Don’t overpack the shoes, these normally take up the most weight, space and art needed
  12. Always make a list to make sure you are not forgetting any essential items.
  13. Pack a stash of large Ziploc bags, because they are so handy. For example, if you take a last-minute swim, you can plop your suit in the plastic bag and pack it away. They can also help keep all kinds of things organized so your carry-on is a little tidier.
  14. Don’t pack last minute, always plan out all your outfits so your not going to overpack
  15. Travel apps such as TripIt are a handy way to keep booking details together, particularly when you don’t have access to a printer.

So their you go all my tips on how to pack and travel light with out compromising on anything

A different look from what I will be traveling in now but here is post to an outfit I wore when traveling back from Spain

#OOTD – What do you travel in?

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Do you have any tips on how to pack and travel light you would like to add – please comment below on anything you do that helps you fit everything in