Do’s and Don’ts of Music Festival Fashion and Don’ts of Music Festival Fashion

Music Festival Season has officially begun back home in the UK. But aside from the awesome line-ups, these festivals have become the ultimate destination for Woodstock inspired fashion. But its so easy to get it wrong and a lot harder to get it write so I thought I would share my list of of Do’s and Don’ts for Music Festival Fashion.

DO frolic in a dress

 Do’s and Don’ts for Music Festival Fashion

It’s all about the flowy sundress on the summer music scene. Think maxi or shot, bright colours, bold prints, tassels and should detail. Dresses are all perfect for hot, crowded days.

DO pack your cut-off denim shorts

   Do’s and Don’ts for Music Festival Fashion

It seems that this summer, the more cut up your shorts are, the better. While you can purchase a pair of cut-off denims anywhere, the best part of this look is that you can personalize it. Take a pair of old jeans and get to cutting.

DO take inspiration from your Gran!

Do’s and Don’ts for Music Festival Fashion

Your granddad might not be the most likely of style icons, but if it’s good enough for Alexa, it’s good enough for us: we loved the slouchy Lacoste grandpa shirt she wore with her denim cut-offs at Glastonbury this weekend. Major festival DO!

DO pack a Playsuits

Do’s and Don’ts for Music Festival Fashion

The are great for festivals because 1) they don’t take up much space in a bag and 2) they take all the stress out of choosing an outfit. But white is probably/definitely a colour you should stay away from at a festival!!!

DO wear a hat

 Do’s and Don’ts for Music Festival Fashion

A hat is a must if you’re planning on spending the day in the sun. Perfect way to protect your face white also hiding a less make-up adorned face all while being fashionable!!

DO fool everyone the A-list way

Last day of the festival? Looking a bit worse for wear?  don your prettiest dress, scrape your hair back and pull on a pair of your hippest sunglasses

And if in doubt

Babydoll dress + classic Barbour jacket + cute ‘n’ quirky boots = always a recipe for indie queen festival success, so DO make like Fearne and earn your spot in the VIP section (or at least look like you belong there!)

DON’T forget practicality

When it comes to festival dressing, practicality really does come first. Are those heels we spy? It might be obvious but you will be surprised – Stilettos really are the biggest DON’T of a festival wardrobe

DON’T get caught with a head dress

Feathers might be a major trend right now, but feather head dresses are not. If you are trying to channel your inner Indian, try fringes and feather earrings.

DON’T forget the style commandments

You might be miles from the nearest high street, but Don’t forget the style commandments as soon as you set foot in a field. Rule number one: unless you’re still in school, crop tops with shorts is a combination best avoided – no matter how flat your abs!

DON’T even think about trying to survive in just a bikini

Unless you’re partying it up in the desert like Paris and co. at Coachella this year,  Glastonbury, Reading and the like require somewhat more practical packing!

DON’T unleash your inner ‘Hammer’

MC Hammer must be more influential than I thought because I’ve been seeing elaborately patterned pants everywhere. The bright, psychedelic patterns might fit the hippie trend, but I for one am not a fan. However, if you find yourself in need of an 80s flashback, at least use subtle colors.

DON’T let a flower overpower your head


With hippie fashion comes flower power. That’s easy to see. However, your don’t want to let the flowers have all the power. If you’re looking for a floral look, try a headband or even a smaller flower. If the flower is too big, it will take away from the rest of your outfit.

Though summer music festivals seem to be an excuse for people to wear as little clothing as possible, keep in mind that you should still bring a sense of style.

So I hope you liked my Do’s and Don’ts of Music Festival Fashion – if you have anything to add please let me know

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