[tps_header]Dubai Hotel H – Okku Disco Brunch Review[/tps_header]


So last most I attended the Okku Disco Sushi Friday Party Brunch.

The Okku brunch is unusual for a few reasons:

1) its from 12-6.00 mega!!

2) you get given monopoly money to spend on your alcohol

3) It has an 80 theme….

So my thoughts on all the above and more – well it really works. I love it. At first I was a bit hesitant as this brunch is not cheap at around 600 AED but then when you break this down for what you get it, it is actually fantastic value for money. If you have been to Okku for dinner you will know that this place is not cheap and you could spend at least 500 AED per person on a 3 course meal which is what we got and more. On top of this we got enough alcohol to sink a ship.

So the concept of the Okku monopoly money – you get given $100 to spend as you will. A bottle of champagne was $150 but then a bottle of vodka was $100. We clubbed all our money together and started with a few fancy bottles of fiz and then moved onto the hard stuff!!

Check out their Facebook page here

[tps_title]Here are my Pictures of the Okku Brunch [/tps_title]

Dubai Hotel H - Okko Brunch Review

The reason for the brunch was my friends (Shown here above) Sisters husbands 30th

Dubai Hotel H - Okko Brunch Review

This give you a small insight into the alcohol consumed!!

Dubai Hotel H - Okko Brunch Review

Two of the guys on the brunch – double fisting!!

Dubai Hotel H - Okko Brunch Review

Here is one of the 5 Okku courses – Very yummy Sushi

Other Okku dishes included, A duck salad, Crispy Chicken, Black Cod and a few other lovely treats

Dubai Hotel H - Okko Brunch Review

The birthday boy with sparklers that I thought where a nice touch

Dubai Hotel H - Okko Brunch Review

The standard girly shot 🙂

Dubai Hotel H - Okko Brunch Review

In line with the 80s Okku theme where lots of random props on the table such as these funky glasses – great for some fun camera shots which of course is what they want! Very clever!!

Dubai Hotel H - Okko Brunch Review

The Birthday boy – having a great time

Dubai Hotel H - Okko Brunch Review

Okku where very relaxed about us coming in before and dressing the table how we wanted. At this point I would like to point out that the staff where great

Dubai Hotel H - Okko Brunch Review

After 6pm Okku let you set in the bar area as they need to set up for the dinner service and the fun continues….

Finally – this is an empty picture of the okku to see it clearer


As you can see Okku is a dark venue, its intimate with a moody (I mean this in a good way) Atmosphere

After brunch the perfect destination is 40 Kong – read my review and details on this here

If you are not aware this venue is on the roof top of the hotel