Siddharta Lounge, Dubai, Review

Siddhartha Lounge, Dubai, is situated at the Grosvenor House, Dubai Marina. Although there are several dining and lounge options at Grosvenor House, Siddhartha stands out for its location and ambience.

Possible one of my most favorite bars and restaurants in Dubai – Infusing Mediterranean and Asian flavours with futuristic sounds in a modish and sophisticated ambience.

The vibe is more casual when compared to Toro Toro or Budhha Bar. It has an open air setting, overlooking Al Sufouh road, and out towards the Palm which makes it more interesting than the others. The swimming pool at the entrance and the all-white theme with dim lighting adds to the elegance. They also have an indoor seating area, which is equally classy, but with such amazing views of the Marina it is difficult to opt for the indoor seating, except during the hottest summer months.

Siddharta is stylish to casual, indoor to outdoor, daylight to night fall, it is the playground of the crème de la crème of Dubai society.

Choose to lounge around the pool, soak up the sun or just gaze at the stars.

Here are the images of the inside:





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Here are the images of the outside:







Here are my two pics when we went recently:

Siddharta Lounge, Dubai, Review

Siddharta Lounge, Dubai, Review

In summary Siddharta Lounge, Dubai, has gorgeous venue with stunning views of The Palm and Dubai Marina. Perfect place for cocktails with friends on a Thursday evening. The venue itself is aesthetically pleasing with white furniture inside and out, cushions on the tiered stairs outside with lamps providing dim lighting. They play lounge music and also offer shisha.

Great place for date night or impressing guests in town.

Note: Siddharta Lounge will remain closed and will re-open on 1st September.

Siddharta Lounge By Buddha-Bar
Located in Grosvenor House Dubai · Al Sufouh road, P O Box 118500 · Dubai  ·
United Arab Emirates ·
Phone: +971 4 317 6000 ·