So where to start with this truly remarkable hotel/resort… Well lets start at the beginning… Six Senses Zighy Bay Resort is located on the northern Musandam Peninsula in the Sultanate of Oman. Each beautiful village-style accommodations set in between a private marina  with the dramatic mountains on one side and the sandy beach of Zighy Bay on the other.

If you are playing a vacation from Dubai I can not recommend Zighy Bay more highly, its defiantly not cheap but think of all the money you will save on flights!

Here is my experience of a weekend at Six Senses Zighy Bay Resort:

I was taken their as s surprise (which may have added to the romanticness to it – ekkkk that is not a word!) for a long weekend. You can imagine my horror when I was told I needed to pack some trainers (I don’t really do trainers!) I though we are going on a desert safari/camping weekend which really isn’t me and then this happens….

On arrival we head up this small mountain – I had no idea where we where going. We reached the top and the guide (who we had met at the bottom of the mountain to swap cars as no way was my husbands Ferrari going to make it to the top in once piece!!) got us out of the Jeep and said are you ready to go down their? I must have looked at him extremely puzzled as I had no idea what he meant. Gareth then laughed and explained we are paragliding down their to where the hotel is…. as you do! (If paragliding is not for you don’t worry you can just drive in!)

Lets dive right in – our weekend initiatory at Six Senses Zighy Bay Resort

Day 1:

  • 12.00 pm – We arrived at Six Senses Zighy Bay Resort no more than 2 hours in the car. Such short journey for the feeling of flying to your own private island!
  • 12.30 pm – In true Jame Bond style we para-glided in to the resort! (One of 3 ways you can enter, the other are via boat or just by car but how boring is that!)
  • 2.00 pm – In just over 4 hours of leaving home we had checked in, had the room tour, unpacked, in our swimwear, lying by the pool with lunch on the way. (Ordered via the private butler that you are allocated on arrival)
  • 3.00 pm – The afternoon consisted of relaxing and then as if things couldn’t get any better we ordered some wine!
  • 5.00 pm – In the late afternoon we then went for a stroll to check out the rest of Ziggy Bay, I don’t think I have said “wow” or “Ohhhh” so many times
  • 6.00 pm – Back to the room to chill and get ready for dinner
  • 8.00 pm – In the evening we went to the iconic restaurant at the top of the cliff. (Probably best booking this)
  • 9.00 pm – After dinner their is separate area where you can have a few private drinks

Day 2

  • 10.00 am – Bike ride to breakfast
  • 11.00 am – Super full after an amazing buffet breakfast
  • 11.30 am –  Back in the villa for more sun bathing, reading books, swimming, eating and drinking
  • 5.00 pm – In the afternoon we got a (bit) active – we played tennis, bowls and chess! (available in the library)
  • 4.00 pm – What trip to somewhere like this wouldn’t be complete with out a spa treatment
  • 6.00 pm – Back in the villa getting ready, enjoying a few drinks outside and listening to music
  • 7.00 pm – We decided we would eat in our villa and get room service

Day 3

  • 10.00 am – Sitting enjoying another delicious breakfast
  • 11.00 am – We boarded an old dhow for a pre book boat trip which stopped in a beautiful bay for snorkeling
  • 1.00 am – Unfortunately we had to leave and head back home

It was so quite and piece-full the whole weekend – we felt like the only people at the resort

Our trip to Six Senses Zighy Bay Resort in a few pictures

The Resort:

On site their is an amazing spa, gym (not that I went anywhere near it!) large public pools and of course your own private pool, a variety of restaurants and beach/water activities


The Room:

At this point I want to talk a bit about the room – yes you guessed it – amazing. The area was huge – very raw but luxurious. All the amenities like large flat screen, ipod docking, mini bar etc etc. The coolest part of the room has to be outside – the outside shower (totally private of course) but their is the in-door option as well. A cute addition is that all rooms come with bikes so you can ride around the resort which was kinda fun.


You have a few dining options to choose:

Six Senses Zighy Bay Resort

SENSE ON THE EDGE – Signature Restaurant with a View

mountaintop, contemporary fine dining restaurant is the perfect place to enjoy a very memorable evening. There is a choice of three, five, seven or nine-course set menus accompanied with varieties of wines. Open for dinner Wednesday to Sunday, prior reservations are required and the dress code is smart casual.


SPICE MARKET – Main Restaurant

Spice Market offers delicacies from the culinary world of Arabia. Enjoy breakfast and dinner in a relaxed Arabic environment among bold colours and traditional mud kitchen.

SHUA SHACK – Authentic Arabic Dining Experience

A unique Bedouin dining experience. Family-style evenings begin with local organic salads, followed by lamb prepared in our underground oven. Mondays and Fridays for the operation at 6:30 pm with prior reservations.

Six Senses Zighy Bay Resort

ZIGHY BAR – Bespoke ambience

Zighy Bar offers classic, modern, local and organic mocktails and cocktails throughout the day and evening whilst overlooking our Wadi. Happy Hour is referred to as the No Rush Hour from 9 pm to midnight!

Six Senses Zighy Bay Resort


For a change of pace, in-villa dining is an intimate and most enjoyable experience which your butler will be pleased to arrange.

Six Senses Zighy Bay Resort is a very quite and peaceful resort, where you will find mainly couples or young families. Guests stay in their room – I mean why wouldn’t you!

Their are so many more amazing things I could write about this place and so more pictures I could have add but please go and experience it for yourself – I promise you, you will not be disappoint. Basically in a nut shell this was one of the most amazing weekends I have ever had and for sure will never be forgotten.

For more details you can check out their website here