Part bar, part restaurant, part club: Nasimi, surprisingly, manages to do most things it attempts pretty darn well. Its beach parties are hugely popular, and during beach renovations it managed to pull off several extremely well-attended and thoroughly enjoyable pool parties. And what better way is there to unwind than sprawled out on a bean bag on the beach with an ice-cold (if rather pricey) drink? Whether it’s for a few tipples with friends at the weekend or a quick one after work, it’s one of the great things about living in Dubai.

Indoors, the atmosphere and aesthetics are just as pleasing, with heaps of space to accommodate the crowds and a drinks menu as interesting and varied as it is vast. Unfortunately, and rather bafflingly given the relatively small number of patrons when we visited, the staff weren’t really ‘with it’. Most were grouped together, chatting casually behind the bar as we waved frantically from one of the tables.

When we finally managed to prise a staff member away from the group, drinks arrived swiftly and we ordered a portion of nachos to quell our raging hunger. Whether they were any good or not remains to be seen – it transpired 30 minutes later that the request never made it to the kitchen. Thankfully, the grape and hop beverages were pleasant enough to keep us refreshed for at least one drink before we decided to throw in the towel, making a note to be well-fed before our next trip.

Here are some of my pics of when an old school friends came out from the UK a while ago:


IMG_1852 IMG_1853

A walk further down the beach and you have the view of Atlantic hotel




Nasami beach Dubai


I do love Nasimi as its a great place to hang out on the weekend with out spending tones. You have a minimum spend but then you get this money back at least on food and drink.

As said the service is not great but then just take in the scene and views and chill!

Tip: get their early in peak time as most beds seem to go before 12pm