So I frequently get my clothes made in Dubai for numerous of  reason

  1. I love wearing something unique
  2. Its cool to wear something you designed
  3. Its pretty cheap

So I regularly get asked where do you go! This is my reply:

There are any amount of Tailors in Dubai who can make anything for you. From a personal point of view I always use Dreamgirls in Satwa.

Dream girls is in Satwa near the emirates bank

In the same building their is another tailor called Sunrise

You will have to provide your own material-I recommend Deepaks in Satwa-they are fabulous, I use a guy there called Sanjay and if you take the dress you want copied he will advise you on the material that will suit the dress (ie in terms of creasing, washing, the way it hangs etc)

A week to get the clothes returned is about normal but you’ll need to go for at least one fitting depending on the fit

Shops in that area are normally open 9-1 then 4-8/9/10pm

I recently had my tailor copy me a very complicated Coast dress made of chiffon which had loads of panels  and I paid AED300 incl material. I am really really chuffed with it, and of course it fits perfectly

I have also just had quite a simple dress copied and it was fully lined and cost AED120 to copy (material extra) so for a simple dress I would try for between AED80-150.

If you want special buttons, trim, sequins, crystals etc there is a shop in satwa called FIDA very close to both dreamgirls and my tailor which is a little treasure trove and is just a girls dream!! Dirt cheap as well