While you should never listen when a hater tries to cut you down for rocking a certain look, you don’t have to like everything. Sometimes certain trends that you dislike are going to get popular anyway… even if they’re objectively hideous.

Here are my top ugliest fashion trends that I just can’t wrap my mind around.

The puffer jacket

ugliest fashion trends

Sure, they’re practical, warm in winter and easy to throw on if you’re a soccer parent. But wow, they are awful. And this past winter they were absolutely everywhere. In case you’re thinking: “But not my puffer jacket, my puffer jacket is awesome. And cool.” It’s not.

Fur Shoes

“Excuse me, is that a ferret on your foot?”

“Uh, no actually, they’re my $2000 Gucci shoes.”

I kid you not, it’ll set you back just over $2000 to buy a pair of goat-hair slip-ons that look like small, furry animals hitching a ride on each foot. And it wasn’t just Gucci; five or six other designers joined in, sending hairy feet down the runway.


ugliest fashion trends

I can’t believe these were ever a thing, and I can’t believe they became a thing again.

Faux Leather

ugliest fashion trends

This trend isn’t always ugly, but it’s… usually ugly. I’d be a lot more forgiving if it didn’t usually look cheap.

Asymmetrical skirts

These just make you look like the little bird from Seussical The Musical who only has one feather on her tail.


Okay, maybe these aren’t so much a “trend” as they are “something Miley Cyrus wore once,” but I remember Joan Rivers saying something positive about them on Fashion Police and I just can’t let that slide.

Uggs and mini skirts

How could we let this happen to Beyonce?