How to dress for the office when outside is like a sauna

Everyone wants to look stylish and professional while going to the office. Now for men its very easy but for us women the line is not always very clear.

Every company is having different policies but my general rule of thumb is that sales, B2B and corporate roles should dress much smarter than lets say agency side and marketing which is more creative.

But more specific to Dubai at the moment and the soaring heat, it can be tempting to put aside business clothes in favor of cooler, more comfortable attire, dressing smart for the office while still comfortable and on trend is actually very easy – you just need to know what’s acceptable, even when the temperature spikes.

Basics of Professional Summer Fashion

  • Wear closed-toe slingbacks: Your place of business may allow sandals or open-toed shoes, but if your workplace is more conservative, you can still get some fresh air to your feet by wearing slingback pumps. These are a good warm weather style shoe that work well in the office.
  • Sport shifts: Sleeveless shift dresses will keep you cool, but can still convey a professional air with the addition of blazers or cardigans. You might need the extra covering when you’re in an air-conditioned office. Shift dresses are easy to accessorize; add simple jewelry and pair with slingbacks.
  • Carry along lightweight blazers: In case you still need to sport a blazer to the office, make sure it’s made in a light material, such as cotton or linen. You can always slip the jacket off when you go to lunch or leave at the end of the day. Or maybe you might need the jacket to battle with the aircon! I am constantly freezing in my office even though its 50 plus outside
  • Stick to lighter colors: You’ll feel much cooler if you stick to light colors in the summer. White, off white, pastels and light neutrals not only look fresh and perfect for the season, but won’t draw heat to you the way darker colors will. White or cream with gold or silver jewelry will look crisp and clean.
  • Wear light materials: Linens, cottons, silks and seersucker are great fabrics to sport during the summer. You can find these easy materials in clothes suitable for the office, either in blouses, oxford shirts, slacks, skirts or simple dresses, in A-line shapes or even shirtdresses. As much as I do enjoy a linen outfit it is a bugger to keep wrinkle free.
  • Keep your outfits simple: To stay cool, try to keep your outfits as simple and easy as possible. This isn’t a time to think about layers.

Here are 5 outfits on How to dress for the office in the summer

1. Strategic Slits

How to dress for the office

How to dress for the officeHow to dress for the office

When temperatures rise, instinct tells us ‘so should the hemlines,’ but until recently I’d forgotten that a long, tailored skirt with strategically placed slits can have the same, wonderful cooling effect as a shorter hemline.

2. The Dressed-Up Tee

Don’t underestimate a casual cotton tee! Make it feel more polished by tucking it into a skirt or trousers.

3. Consider the Shirtdress

Shirtdresses are an essential, especially in crisp cotton, for hot summer weather. I love that shirtdresses can be styled in so many different ways: belted, unbelted, buttoned all the way up, or left a little loose.

4. On-Duty Denim

Denim gets an upgrade in a tailored silhouette like a pencil skirt.

5. Breathable Black

Black might not come to mind when dressing for a hot summer day, but when I do choose black, I choose lighter fabrics and looser cuts.

Avoid These Looks

Even though it’s summer, professional attire is still very different from casual/party attire.

  • Micro mini skirts
  • Midriff tops
  • Flip flops
  • Anything that shows cleavage or underwear in any way!

There are ways to stay cool, while still coming across as professional and stylish, even during the hottest days of the year. Do you have any tips on how to dress for the office? Do share