In the summer of last year I decided I wanted more in life – don’t we all?!

I have been blogging since 2008 on and off (yes super long time!) and full time since my old company Fortnum & Mason closed down in Dubai two year’s ago – my goal then (at the same time I gave birth to my twins) was to do the whole “blogging thing”  full time and make some money. Simple right! Well no, not really at all.

In trying to raise my blog to the next level I became obsessed with Instagram and getting new followers and quiet frankly it just stressed me out! I like to think I am a very laid back person but I found myself getting caught up in a slight downward spiral where I was self doubting every picture, I would spend all my free time online, actually get anxious when out with friends (as I didn’t get a “nice enough shot” and then didn’t feel comfortable doing it again.) I would spend rare and precious date days/stay vacations with my husband faffing around with outfits I had been gifted, trying to get that perfect “instagrambale shot.”  The hours and hours and hours of blogging would always take me away from the twins and I was doing all this for free with idea to grow and gain money in the future. So did this gain to any real money after months and months off hard slog? NO, not really! I was putting in sooo much effort just to get a few free dresses here and their (and I definitely didn’t need any new dresses) and a few free dinners when all I really wanted was some actually money to pay for the nappies and formular (which is god dam expressive when you have twins!!)

Anyway the point is (yes their is one) enough was enough, I had to realize that I wasn’t going to really “make it” as a bloggers or maybe I would if I  stuck with it but it just wasn’t making me happy (at all) so lets look at other alternatives.

This is when the idea for was born! I feel like I have ranted on enough for one day so wont launch into exactly what this website is all about – I just request that you check it out and let me know if you think I made the right decision!? Ha ha

Basically what i’m trying to say is if something isn’t making you happy do something about it! Maybe your thinking its really not that simple and things are complicated but it really is. Only you are in control of your own destiny and happiness – no one else. Im not saying a change will be easy or happen over night but it defiantly can be done.

So the life update is that I now have a fully pledged business and yes while it does potentially give me stomach ulcers here and their i’m on the right track 🙂

As for Mode Devoted I haven’t posted on here in over half a year but thats doesn’t mean its dead – I am making a new conscious effort to post again – this time as a hobby and a form or release rather than as pressure. Taking away the press will now bring back the joy of blogging I had lost.