When it came to thinking about the Twins first Birthday Party we knew we wanted to celebrate it!

Having a party for the twins first Birthday was a must but we decided there is no point in going all out when they are not going to remember it or even have a clue what is going on?!?

Se decided we would keep it cheap and cheerful – we wanted to have a great time but keep cost low so we decided to have a house party.

Party planning here in Dubai can get ridiculously expensive and we just didnt see the point in paying the big buck (and i also think it looks a bit flashy as well.) So this is how we kept it cheap:

  • The decorations mainly came from ordering online
  • A few decorations needed a bit DIY – fine if you have the time!
  • The food was all home made and in advance, frozen and then just cooked on the day
  • The cake was gifted
  • The drinks were all ordered online and where delivered to our home
  • Entertainment for the kids was the paddling pool and various other toys outside

It was such a nice way to spend the day as all our friends and family came and we didn’t have to ask them to spend any money – luckily we had the space as I think at one point we had about 60 adults and 40 babies/children!!

Watch my video to see how the day went down and how we kept it cheap.