Pure Born all the way now

As I new mum I was quite overwhelmed when it came to nappies, I mean I didn’t even know they came in different sizes but thats really quite obvious now!!! I didn’t know the different brands, how would you distinguish the front from the back or really just how easy they where to use.
So when it came to buying my first pack I chose pampers because well I had heard of it, (proving that marketing does work!) then I shopped around for a cheaper brand but soon realized you pay for what you get and with the cheaper brands they wouldn’t last the night and I would get the girls in the morning with wet clothes. So I went back to the premium brands and I was introduced to a new brand called Pure Born. (They actually only just launched their products end of August last year)

Here are our girls checking out the wipes and nappies:

pure born
Of all the toys Lily has she always seems to be more interested in her wipes than anything else!

pure born

On top of all the benefit below – how cute are these designs? These are the moon and sky design but they also have 2 other really fun patterns

Here a are few reason why I like Pure Born  :

  • Sustainable
  • 100% organic bamboo – Bamboo is a sustainable recourse that rarely needs replanting, hence NO trees are harmed in the making of the nappies.
  • Toxin, paragon and sulphate free
  • Eco-friendly and bio-degradable (they can decompose in 180 days!)
  • The nappies feature a bamboo pulp absorbent core, which can absorb up to 15% more than other brands.
  • Affordable
  • 5% of the brands annual proceeds go towards supporting children around the world
  • They feature fun prints that allow cute pictures on @ThePierceTwins account

 pure born

You can buy Pure Born at the following:

Online at:


  • Baby Shop (Selected branches)
  • Green Heart Organic Farms

Go check them out and let me know what you think