So lots of my friends that know me always say that “OMG your husband is a saint – the amount of pictures he takes for you!” Well he is a saint but thats not because he takes my pictures, don’t get me wrong he’s been know to take a few (that always come with a bit of a huff) but 99% of my #OOTD are cursory of my very faithful (almost best friend) tripod!

This specific outfit was shot in our local park and I can’t tell you how much I cringe when I do this in public. There must be about 15 villas that over look this location, not to mention the mother with her pram and half a dozen gardens that glanced my way and must have all thought WTF!!!

But I swallow my pride, in vain of my bog, to try and take a decent picture in a location other than my back garden – which lets be honest isn’t really that interesting!

The reason why I am telling you this is two fold:

  1. I actually hate having my picture taken in public – people genuinely don’t believe me when I say this as I do take so many but that is because it comes with the job not because I enjoy it!
  2. You don’t need to have a photographer friend or pay a fortune to get half decent photos (now I’m not saying my photos are going to win any awards but they will do – right?)

So there you go a random little fact I thought you should know 🙂

Oh and another fact – I really enjoyed messing around on this swing (when I wasn’t worrying about people watching!!) Am I the only adult that enjoys a swing or do you all?

And now for the outfit details:

  • Callouts: Max Mara
  • Shirt:  Husbands
  • Shoes:
  • Clutch: Mataland (or is it Matalan?)