This dress is “one of those” that you buy on line, totally persuaded by the stunning model and then you get home and sob as you look nothing like the 6ft, skinny b#@!h (i’m sure she was a lovely person really and I don’t really sob I just added that in for dramatic purposes)

Back to the dress – it looked less poofy (ok don’t think thats a word but you know what I mean!) shorter (but  then I am a short arse so it would naturally run longer on my legs) and defiantly not as low and reveling (but then my boobs are on the bigger side and the models where about the size of plums – just saying that to make me feel better about being 6 stone heavier than her!)

Now my question to you is do you think this is a dress I could wear in Dubai say for a brunch or a special occasion? Here on holiday I was ok about it but back in Dubai i’m not sure. Its not the front that bothers me so much – its the side boob which I haven’t really show here, I think thats what could be deemed slutty. Also the fact that i’m plus 30 and a mum should that make a difference???