Staying at Ladera

Staying at Ladera was with out doubt the most amazing room I have ever stayed in, no exaggeration. I say room as the resort itself is nothing super special, I mean don’t get me wrong its beautiful but its ALL ABOUT THE ROOM (and we will get back to this shortly)

About the resort

Once part of the Rabot Estate, one of Soufrière’s oldest and most famous cocoa plantations, Ladera Resort stands today as St. Lucia’s most unique and luxurious resort and the only resort situated on a UNESCO World Heritage site. The setting is breathtaking and unlike any other, on a volcano ridgeline 1,000 feet above the deep, blue Caribbean Sea, with stunning views of the Pitons.

The resort’s intimate design, with just 37 rooms and suites, offers the perfect setting for forging a connection to the beauty, romance and lifestyle of St. Lucia. Befitting the resort’s eco-friendly philosophy, each is uniquely constructed from locally harvested tropical hardwoods, stone and tile. Furniture is made on site by St. Lucian artisans. Your suite’s “open wall” gives way to a private plunge pool and magnificent views of the Pitons and Caribbean.

So let me tell you what is so very special about the room when staying at Ladera

Well for a start its unique in the sense it only has three walls – yes that’s right ONLY THREE WALLS. I have actually Googled other hotels that share this concept and can only find one other resort, also in St Lucia, called Jade Mountain. Now we didn’t stay here but visited the resort for probably the most amazing lunch I have ever had. Now it hurts me to say it but I believe this resort might be slightly better than Ladera. The rooms are pretty much the same but the resort is much bigger with larger pool, beach and numerous restaurants and bars.  I would say Ladera is a boutique hotel (so depends what you prefer)

So back to the room at Ladera and the three wall concept – where the fourth wall should be is just an open space with a plunge pool and breathtaking views of the sea below and Pitons, I mean come on, this is very cool!!! Imagine going to bed and waking up to those views and hearing nature literally in your room.

Each room has its own pool, four poster bed (with canopy so those pesty bugs don’t get you!) mini bar and all the usual perks you would expect with a 5* hotel. The extra perk is the private butler that you can call anytime – available to meet any need.

You will find no TV in room, I mean it would be an utter scandal to watch TV when staying here however scandalous we are! You can take laptops and DVDs from reception if on NYEs you get ridiculously drunk and super hungover the next day so need an early night in bed with a movie to watch!!! Tut tut!!

Resort images explained

So of course we have to start with the rooms – with out doubt the most impressive feature!

This is the room we stayed in – the bath room and dressing area are to the left of this image. I loved all the natural wood and fittings, very different from normal modern fittings.

Note if you want a room where you can sunbath you MUST note this in the booking as some of the pools are covered so you will not get the sun. We love the sun so sunbathing in the room (as such) was very important to us.

To the left of this table is where our sun-loungers where and THIS SWING!!!! I mean words fail me…

This is an example of a room that doesn’t have an area to sunbath

Like I said the resort is small and has just one restaurant and bar/lounge area called Dasheene

Here is where breakfast, lunch and dinner will be served. We ate here for breakfast but for lunch we ordered room service (well why wouldn’t you) as for dinner we ate here twice and then went out side the resort to try other restaurants and off course compare other hotels to ours!

Of course on any honeymoon you must indulge in some treatments at The Spa at Ladera.

The Resort has a small public pool but you will rarely find anyone here as everyone stays in their own private rooms!

Staying at Ladera

The resort and the rooms are positioned on the top of a cliff, one thousand feet above the Caribbean Sea which provide a lush tropical breezes while you sit in your suite’s private pool.

Staying at Ladera

Look at this for a view!

Take a look at my photos taken when staying at Ladera for our honeymoon

In summary, this hotel nestled into a lush volcanic ridge with postcard sea and mountain views, is a truly unique and luxurious resort – just perfect for honeymooners and not really suited for Children (yer no 4th floor and open pool that backs onto a cliff face – not great for kids!)

Comparing St Lucia and Barbados

St Lucia for us was all about the room and we stayed here most of the time where as Barbados was all about the island and the awesome restaurants, bars and things to do it has to offer. Check out my blog post here on where we stayed in Barbados and my blog post here on what to do in Barbados.

Summing up the two islands I would say the two islands are VERY different. Barbados was all about going out and St Lucia was all about the room (did I mention how cool the room was!!) ((If only you could identify sarcasm in a post!))