Today we hear from Katie Kaminski the founder of Coco Bow by Motherknot – a truly inspirational story how from something bad can come something amazing.

Here is the story of how Coco Bow was created in Katies own words:

CocoBow came about quite by accident. I was working in London as a front line child protection Social Worker, very stressful, very busy. You may wonder how someone goes from a social worker to a handbag designer. I had always been arty at school and good at design but also loved the thought of working with children and making a difference so when it came to choosing what to do at university Social Work seemed the best fit for me. I thought designing and art was better as a hobby.

At 30 weeks pregnant I got severe pain in my legs where I could barely walk. I went to the GP who advised my blood pressure was extremely high but asked me to do a urine sample and come back the next day. I gave a sample to the GP and went home, only to receive a call from the GP to tell me to go straight to hospital.

Unfortunately I had severe pre-eclampsia and was hospitalised immediately. As I was only 30 weeks pregnant they had to try and keep my baby in me as long as possible, whilst also managing my pre eclampsia. That meant over a month in hospital.

I am not originally from London, I moved here to live with my now husband who I met at university. I am from the Isle of Man, so whilst in hospital I had no visitors until my husband finished work. This meant long stints on my own with nothing to do.

Whilst lying in my hospital bed I started to doodle designs of what I wanted as a changing bag. I hadn’t been able to find any I liked on the high street. I was a young mum to be, therefore I wanted something trendy and stylish. In honesty, I think I just doodled things I needed for the baby to help me stay positive and focused on enjoying my baby once she was born.

Unfortunately my baby stopped growing. I was also ballooning with fluid and the medication was no longer managing my blood pressure so they decided to induce me at 36 weeks. Unfortunately my baby became distressed and her heart stopped and they had to perform an emergency C-section. My baby weighed only 4lbs, going down to 3
1/2 lbs as she was very weak and unable to feed. She therefore spent a month in SBCU being tube fed.

I was so low, so desperate to be with my baby. My husband suggested getting one of my bags made to enjoy for when she came home. I could only visit my daughter 8am till 8pm so in the meantime to stay focused I started to research manufacturers and sent over my design to have one made.

We soon got the news our baby could come home, just in time for my birthday. I was over the moon, it felt like the best day of my life. Soon after her coming home my bag arrived from the manufacturer. I loved it, and I loved it more as it had kept me going at such a difficult time when I was scared and frightened and in honesty quite lonely.

That was meant to be the end of it but the more I took my baby out woman were cuing over my bag as much as my tiny little daughter. Other mum’s suggested I start my own business. I Therefore decided to have the bag made in two colours. I only ordered 50 of each thinking that would be a good start to keep me going for the year. They sold out within a few months. I therefore ordered more colours and set up an official business page.

We have gone from strength to strength and it has now been for several years my full time job which has allowed me to be home for my children. We have added more designs and won several awards including the Junior Design Awards ‘Best Changing Bag’.

To think something I doodled to keep me going through such a difficult time has brought me and my children so much reward. To me it made a negative experience an extremely positive one in the long run.

We have also have introduced the Motherknot range as it incorporates my Celtic background, featuring the Motherhood Knot. The Motherknot features 2 hearts locked together which symbolises the unbreakable bond between mother and child.

I cam across CocoBow through a friend via, a need to find a stylish changing bag – nothing on the market I saw was something I would every want to carry. The majority of bags where made from Nylon and just well nasty! So when I came across CocoBow I instantly knew I had to have one. Not only is it something I wear with or with out baby but its been beautifully made.

I was worried they might not ship to Dubai but great news they do! So If your an expecting mum I suggest you check out the website:

Here is the bag I am now very proud to call mine – Called Eva (names after Katie’s baby, her first design) in a trendy blush pink/peach leather.


Bag specifications:

  • Made from premium REACH (EU) approved Cowhide Leather.
  • Removable lining, which can be used as a separate bag.  Ideal if your going back to work and using a childminder as you can still pack your bag, remove the lining and hand this over to the childminder.  They even get their own strap so you can keep yours.
  • Fold down handles which look great when the bag is attached to your buggy/pram.

Each bag comes with: 

  • Four zip pockets for valuables, spare clothes etc
  • Four expandable pockets for wipes, nappies etc
  • Removable lining which can be zipped closed and used as a separate handbag
  • A super cute changing mat
  • Adjustable, detachable bag strap with a padded sleeve for comfort
  • Coco Bow Bag Tag
  • Key Fob
  • Pram straps to attach to buggy/pram

The bag also come in black

View the link here to see all of CocoBows beautiful designs