Patchwork denim street style inspiration

When it comes to effortless style, we like to think it boils down to having a good set of genes jeans. This season, that means adopting the patchwork denim trend. With all the big fashion houses already churning out quilt-like pants, we’re yearning to step into a pieced-together pair even more. You, too? We thought so — so check out this street style inspiration on how to wear this trend


The patchwork jeans that are popular right now are usually light blue jeans with patches of darker or lighter (or even patterned) denim on them. They tend to have a bit of a boho, casual vibe to them, but they’re actually more versatile than they seem. So how do you wear patchwork denim jeans without looking like you have no idea what you’re doing? Check out these awesome looks.

patchwork denim

patchwork denim

patchwork denim


When it comes to ways to wear patchwork denim skirts channel a clean and crisp look with big swatches of patchwork denim, or go for a more grunge look with vintage patchwork pieces. Patchwork pieces come in all shapes and designs this season and there’s a number of different ways to wear the trend. Check out these ways to wear patchwork denim skirts, as seen on the streets.


The trick of wearing patchwork denim shirts is to keep your outfit fairly basic. Do not overdo your outfit. It’s not the most easiest style to combine with your everyday clothes, that’ some inspiration from the below.


Layer it or keep it simple – these girls below are rocking it!

patchwork denim

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