Let me introduce you to Paris Boheme, you will definitely thank me! Your weekly rendez-vous where you can find the trendiest, the most comfortable and the very affordable wardrobe….

Here are my pics from the Seychelles, wearing one of their best sellers – the Sevilla Dress and when you see the dress i’m sure you will see why!


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This is the perfect holiday beach dress! Chic classic and timeless.

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 More holiday snaps… 

img_9083  img_9105

I was wearing this dress 2 months pregnant so while most women might not have a bump i’m carry twins so it was defiantly visible but this dress covered it perfectly and I felt great wearing it.

Perfect for wearing on holiday and the beach or pool.

Note: their is also a fabulous peach removable belt that you can add – I didn’t add it as it just accentuated my bump.

#ParisBohemeClan –Paris Boheme is a tribute to Girls Tribe. Friends that shop together stay together. (I thought this was cute quote)