Harklinikken is the best solution to hair growth and loss! Trust me I can vouch for this via personal experience. Results are unwavering! So its no wonder that among their patients are an increasing number of international celebrities including royalty, entertainers, and business tycoons.  Extract treatment has been proven to result in improvements in hair quantity and quality of between 30-95% for suitable candidates!  Here’s the blog post to explain….

So what actually is Harkinikken

It’s sooo much more than a tricky work to say and spell!

Harklinikken is a series of hair restoration clinics, (Denmark, Germany, USA and Dubai.) The clinics offer individualized treatment for hair loss, based on proprietary products, pioneering techniques and unique treatment systems.

Harkinikken Product Treatment

Here comes the science!

The cornerstone in Harklinikken product treatment is a special customized liquid called an ‘extract’. Extracts are mainly plant-based and also contain specific combinations of food source ingredients such as plant proteins and unique complexes of amino acids, minerals and fatty acids. It contains no color, perfume, petrochemicals or problematic preservatives like parabens.

Customization of the ingredients contained in each client’s extract and the ongoing adjustment of each client’s extract, as the treatment progresses, is essential. Treatment takes place at home and needs to be maintained for some time once desired results are achieved.

The extract is applied every night and rinsed out in the morning with special hair care products designed especially for the treatment of thinning hair. Harklinikken’s unique range of specialized shampoos, conditioners, and styling products support the effect of the extracts. Exchanging ordinary hair care and styling products for Harklinikken’s products is often sufficient to treat a hair loss problem.

Harklinikken is committed to working only with people who are good candidates for treatment. Daily application of extract is key to ensuring good results, usually seen within 3-4 months.

My Experience

The beautiful clinic is located in Jumeirah, opposite the Four Seasons.


Before any treatment begins, a consultation is needed to ensure the treatment will be successful, this is super quick. After I was determined as a successful client – Yahhh, I was then walked through the simple process of how I would apply this to my scalp every even, leave and wash of in the morning. (Yes it is that simple)  I have still not complteted the full treatment but when I do I will for sure share before and after pictures!

In the meantime here are some other results to share with you

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Here are the hair Loss Categories

Physiological hair loss

This type of hair loss can be caused by stress, malnutrition, anaemia, scalp disorders, bad water quality, hair product chemicals, hair straighteners, hair extensions, hair pulling and more. Hårklinikken’s treatments have proved to be very efficient for this kind of hair loss.

Mild androgenetic hair loss

This is the most common type of hair loss for men and women and is also known as hereditary hair loss. At this stage, the hair follicles are still active and we are able to reverse the hair loss process, improve the hair quality and stabilize the hair.

Advanced androgenetic hair loss

It is also known as hereditary hair loss. This category of hair loss is more common for men but also occurs with women, and typically, hair transplantation would be recommended.

Hair loss caused by disease and/or medication

Clients suffering from a disease that is directly or indirectly causing hair loss are normally not good candidates for treatment and are often referred to another specialist outside the realm of Harklinikken.