So your looking for somewhere to go and relax, somewhere beautiful, professional and peaceful! Enter De La Mer Day Spa.

The spa is located in Umm Suqeim, and offers not just a vast array of spa treatment but also hair, beauty, and body treatments! In fact they offer a total of 100 beauty and spa services.

I can recommend the full body massage, which I experienced last week with a friend and it was perfect! Hence the full blog post review!

So let me share my experience… We arrived and greeted in the reception room with a refreshment, where we replaced our shoes with slippers. (if only this reflected real life!) We where then led upstairs to the changing rooms where we swapped our clothes for a fluffy robe and introduced to our masseuse! Our  masseuse led us to our private rooms…. (which where beautiful!)  Prior the massage we had filled out a form which informed the masseuse what sort of massage we wanted. As for the massage itself it was quick frankly one of the most professional and amazing massages I have ever had!

I’m going to bullet point now:

  • Our feet where washed and cleaned before we moved to the bed.
  • We started with inhaling a relaxing sent which was made to relax the body
  • Warming soft candle light
  • Relaxing and tranquil music
  • Perfect pressure applied
  • Extremely professional masseuse

After the massage we where given plenty of time to slowly wake up. We stayed in our robes and met my friend in the upstairs lounge where we where given an amazing cup of ginger and lemon and a warm beanbag to place around our neck! (I have never experienced this before – it was wonderful)

To sum up the whole experience: True serenity! Already planning my next trip!

With a range of services and relaxation areas like no other, Del La Mar ladies only day spa is large enough to host groups of 30 or more, yet intimate enough to be the perfect “girls day spa” destination!

Now let me walk through the Del La Mar spa with imagery…

The entrance lobby

De La Mer Day Spa

Very chic and modern

The stairway to heaven!

De La Mer Day Spa

The upstairs waiting room

De La Mer Day Spa

Peaceful and tranquil

Just look at this!

De La Mer Day Spa

Imagine bathing in this!

The Sauna

De La Mer Day Spa

One of the many beautiful massage rooms

De La Mer Day Spa

Beautiful rooms with lovely decoration.

And if your not looking for a spa treatment they have a great beauty salon as well

De La Mer Day Spa

Modern, comfortable and clean

And now for the best bit – their own private pool to relax by

De La Mer Day Spa

Post (or pre) treatment take a dip in this beautiful pool or catch some Dubai rays or both!

How beautiful is their private garden?


In a nutshell De La Mer Day is a wonderful place spa to relax and unwind! I recommend you bring a friend