I must say I am rather found of this outfit I must say! One of those that came together very quickly with out much thought one Friday when getting ready for brunch.






I’m rather fond of this skirt which was a random purchase from Marks & Spenser’s, which is a shop I never really go in but was drawn in by a massive sale sign (gets me every-time) and came out with this sexy pencil skirt from Per Una and a few other bits and bobs!


I just love a sexy back! For me it “tops” (pointing out the pun) any other look and in fact I need to buy more tops like these! I love them! This sexy number was brought from Shopbop.com! I actually need to get some fabric and head down to Satwa to replicate I think.


And now for the details – Oh pink Mulberry Lilly you come up trump every-time!


And these shoes – not they are not real (ekkkk should I admit that?) I think they finish of the outfit quite nicely


And my close up – where you kinda see the chandler type earring that I actually made myself (with the help of the amazing haberdashery shops in Satwa – I could spend a whole months salary in their)


As for the brunch this was Cork & Fork, located at Anatara on the Palm, it was a big birthday bash with about 30 plus where they let us use the entertainer. Not the best brunch but pretty good – bit far away for most. But plenty of food choice, live music and the drinks kept flowing so ticks all the boxes and they also do a happy hour afterwards in their rather cool upstairs bar (not that I can remember that part too well!)