Top 5 Steak Restaurants in Dubai

Looking for somewhere special to take the other half this weekend? Then read on to view my husbands Top 5 Steak Restaurants in Dubai and my thoughts on each of these….

And yes you read correctly “my husband!” After a bit of nagging he has finally written a review on his Top 5 Steak Restaurants in Dubai, and why have I nagged him, you  might ask? Well because it should be a pretty good! Having tried pretty much all of Dubai’s main Steakhouses over the last few years…

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How each has been reviewed:

The criteria wasn’t purely based on the steak itself, I would say 65% based on the steak, then venue 10%, service 10%, atmosphere 10% and sides 5%. The drinks didn’t make the ‘cut’ as all the good restaurants have a good and varied wine/drink offering and quite frankly we are not a wine experts, although he does love a drop of red with his steak and a cheeky Espresso Martini to start the night! Starters didn’t enter the equation either as he prefers to enjoy the steak (and sides) to their maximum with a partially empty (obviously hes had some complimentary bread!) stomach. Price value wasn’t considered either…. Lets be honest, all good steak houses in Dubai are expensive however with pretty much all of them being in the ‘Entertainer’ it won’t break the bank.

So here are my husband’s Top 5 Steak Restaurants in Dubai, written by a man’s perspective – a new angle to the blog! and then my take on each! (Interesting how they differ)

5. La Parrilla, Jumeriah Beach Hotel

The first impressions of La Pirrilla are very good with the amazing views from the 25th floor of JBH overlooking the Burj Al Arab and Arabian Gulf. The atmosphere in the restaurant is also fantastic having a large open plan layout (always packed out) with live Latin American dancers performing tango (I think) throughout the evening.

Image result for steak La Parrilla, Jumeirah Beach Hotel

The 300g Wagyu was extremely good and full of taste. The sides were ok (I tried the house fries and broccolini, broccoli in a sauce), but not a wide ranging choice.

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Overall the food was good if not outstanding compared to others, but the restaurant is a superb experience with a unique atmosphere and setting.

Overall 7.5/10

My Take:

I love the atmosphere, the view, the entertainment, the food, location, Love it all! 

4. Asado, Palace Hotel, Downtown Dubai

An excellent setting with views of the Burj Khalifa and the Downtown lake. The restaurant definitely has a charm about it with an Argentinian rustic feel and live South American background music. The staff were excellent, as we were a large group on this occasion they gave us a table in our own section of the restaurant, probably as they knew we would be loud!

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A varied selection of Argentine steaks, with names unusual to most steak restaurants however amazingly tasty. I tried Ojo de Bife (350g) rib eye which was delicious. The sides were fairly standard but done well, I’d certainly recommend the creamy spinach.

Top 5 Steak Restaurants in Dubai

A charming restaurant with good food.

Overall 8/10

My Take:

Great place to entertain guest, when friends visiting Dubai. Large menu choice, views of the Burj Khalifa and fountains and next to lots of cool bars.

3. West 14th, Oceana, Palm Jumeriah

West 14th is certainly ‘prime real estate’ when it comes to restaurants with an unbeatable view over the sea of the Dubai Marina sky line, not to mention the infinity pool next to the restaurant. I would certainly recommend visiting during the cooler months when the side of the restaurant opens up to the outside section providing a lovely ambiance.

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Not a massive choice of steaks, but having tried a few of them, they all hit the spot, especially the Wagyu tenderloin. Good choice of sides with my personal favorite, the sweet potato fries providing the perfect side kick to the simply well cooked steaks.

Top 5 Steak Restaurants in Dubai

Worth a venture onto the Palm for the setting alone!

Overall 8.5/10

My Take:

Very similar to my husband! Great views, good service, food and choice of sides 

2. Exchange Grill, Fairmont Dubai

The Exchange Grill is definitely a fine dining experience in quite a formal setting within the Fairmont Hotel. The ambiance or the setting might not be the best but the exceptional service and world class steaks certainly make this one of Dubai’s best steakhouses.

Top 5 Steak Restaurants in Dubai

A wide selection of quality steaks were on offer but I had to plum for the Wagyu 280g Fillet. Alright it might be expensive, but being in the Entertainer takes the sting out of it! The steak was cooked to perfection and definitely left me wanting more, more, more! Excellent choice of fancy and superbly done sides with my favorites being the mushroom fricassee, Petit pois a la Francasie (peas, bacon and onion for most!) and the classic steak fries to provide the stodge!

Top 5 Steak Restaurants in Dubai

I can see why this place has won awards based on the food!

Overall 9/10

My Take:

I need to be silent here as I have not been but I must say looking at their website and the photos the ambiance looks pretty pants!

1. The Rib Room, Emirates Towers

Definitely the best steak experience I have had in Dubai from start to finish. A small elegant restaurant which is stylish at the same time and provides a vibrant atmosphere.

Top 5 Steak Restaurants in Dubai

The Wagyu fillet was simply mouthwatering and definitely the best steak I’ve had to date….it’ll take some beating for sure! The staff were excellent and knew their stuff with some excellent recommendations on drinks and sides. Easily the best choice of sides at a steak house I’ve seen with my choices of sweet potato fries and jumbo grilled asparagus going down a treat. To cap the night off the chef came to speak to our table which was a lovely touch.

Top 5 Steak Restaurants in Dubai

Overall 9.5/10

My Take:

Seriously expensive  and lacking in ambiance – the decor (for the price) I feel is nothing special. I would not go back here and pay that money.  

So their you have it my husband’s Top 5 Steak Restaurants in Dubai, with my thoughts on each! Have you been to any of the above? Would you agree or disagree?

I don’t know if I differ from my husband because of different tastes or simply because I’m female (do we value different qualities???)

My top 5 steak restaurants would be: (In no order because I just can’t decide)

  • La Parrilla – I just loved the atmosphere and ambiance
  • West14 – This is a top favorite based purely on location and views (it helps I think that is just so happens to be where we live!)
  • JW’s Steakhouse – Cool vibes
  • Seafire – Maybe just because I enjoy going to the Atlantis
  • Prime 68 – If you want a break from the traditional steakhouse with tan leather chairs and dark wood, and are looking for a touch of glamour to go with your tenderloin, then Prime 68 is the place for you.

I think the difference is because I rate the atmosphere, views, ambiance and setting slightly higher than the steak!