Pros and Cons of a Sailboat holiday

This Eid my Husband and I decided we wanted a slightly different holiday! We are thinking about starting a family so wanted to do something that you probably wouldn’t do with kids! Now his first choice was to climb Kilimanjaro but I had a very different option on this! I was thinking sandy beaches, crystal waters, sunsets and sun-downers and nice meals with wonderful views! Being the wife I won the argument 🙂

After coming back form a holiday in Majorca, where we visited lots of the main ports and saw lots of couple traveling this way, we decided we wanted to look into and see how much it was. I mean how cool is the idea of just sailing from one island to another and then morning at a port for sunset and having dinner in a totally new place!

We very plesentley surprised with the cost of hiring your own Yacht with skipper. For one week you are looking at a cost of 30,000. Note this is a sail boat and not a moter yacht. These are about 4 times the price.

However before we booked the holiday we had a LOT of questions regarding the Pros and Cons of a Sailboat holiday but I did not find much online. (Our travel agent probably hated us after all the emails we must have sent with new questions each time.) So here I am with this post on the Pros and Cons of a Sailboat holiday and maybe I convince you to!

First things first let me introduce you to our yacht….. Our home for the week!

Pros and Cons of a Sailboat holiday

So lets start with the pros on Sailboat holiday

  • Feeling of freedom – one is absolutely free to decide when to wake up and go to sleep, where to head to, how long to stay at a certain place or what and when to drink and eat.
  • Opposite perspective – the beaches and coves on islands are usually seen from the coast. From the sailing yacht one has a chance to see them from the sea, which provides a different sensation and creates a different image of a certain place. Furthermore, some interested spots are reachable only from the sea, which gives additional value to sailing holidays.
  • Full experience of the nature – sailing the seas involves the constant and direct feeling of the nature. The sailing yacht is powered by the wind that is felt in your hair and all over your body, while every wave moves your body in all directions as it rocks the surface. Once you anchor your yacht in a pristine cove, all you can hear are sounds of nature – the wind blowing through the trees, the waves breaking over the rocks, and the restless song of the crickets.
  • Every day tells you a different story – spending holidays at a hotel resort or a rented apartment usually implies a week of seven days which are more or less the same. Waking up at the same time, going to the same beach, having an ice-cream or a cocktail at the same place, meeting the same people every day… OK, I might be too strict at this point but I think I am not too far from the reality. Sailing aboard a yacht, you will find yourself every day at different but equally beautiful beaches, bays or coves, you will see more than one interesting village, port or town, while there is a variety of people that you might meet at the anchor, in a marina or ashore. On the other hand, sailing on a yacht, you can avoid all of them if you like.
  • Joy – last but not least, the joy you feel while travelling under sails is more or less inexplicable, but ultimately pleasant!

Now the cons on Sailboat holiday

  • Lack of space – Regardless of the size and features of a sailing yacht, she is always too small. Sitting in the cockpit, cooking in the galley, sleeping in a cabin and walking up and down the deck requires not only a bit of discipline but a great deal of attention. Every space mentioned in the previous sentence is somehow smaller and different from living spaces at home. Not to mention the size of a bathroom or the fridge…
  • Limitations all over the place – Water tanks are limited to certain capacity so the ‘water saving mode’ is always in power. Forget about singing opera under the shower. Doing dishes also requires the use of some special techniques. The same applies for power consumption. All water pumps, the water heater, fridge and freezer, as well as lights, hi-fi and other devices, are run by electric current from batteries. In case of a longer stay afloat, the economical use of the power is essential.
  • Long distances – Regardless of the real distance between destinations, sailing could seem very slow and boring and distances endless to first-time sailors. One should understand that a sailing yacht is not to be considered a vehicle which transports you from point A to point B, but a life philosophy of travelling. On the other hand, there are no rest areas like there are on a highway. In case of boredom or exhaustion one has to wait until docking at a destination to stretch legs and visit a bar.
  • No absolute control – One could fully control the sailing yacht in terms of handling the sails and maneuvering, but a power mightier than humans decides about conditions of sailing – the wind and the sea. As sailing is about adjusting to the nature instead of controlling it, control freaks will not be happy to make compromises with nature…
  • Interpersonal relations – Choosing the crew for your sailing holidays is a very tricky task in terms of temperament and attitude of every personality on board. Since there is little space on the yacht, and there are all sorts of limitations, people get grumpy or nervous much more easily than ashore.
  • Seasickness – Seems to be a great problem to people who cannot bear the motions of the yacht. Medications that help you with seasickness are usually directed against the symptoms and do not solve the problem completely, while people who take such pills get very sleepy after consumption. Bracelets against seasickness are useful but I think that the major problem lies in not being fully relaxed, both physically and mentally.
  • Storage place – All the things that you intend to store while having a sailing holiday have to be strategically planned. Shoes and clothes, fins and goggles, food and drinks all have to be put in a few trunks and small cupboards so be a minimalist when packing your luggage.
  • IT management – Modern life these days is difficult to imagine without internet and mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. The lack of signal service appears to be a great problem to those who cannot live without Facebook and Twitter. Even though your yacht is equipped with an internet wi-fi rooter, the signal is not always available in certain sailing areas or pristine coves.

It actually seems that I have written more cons here which looks negative but I just wanted to be honest. Our sailing holiday was one of the best weeks we have ever had! Summing it up I would say it was an amazing adventure, never quite sure where you are going to end up, new experience each day and something totally different than we have ever done! Please try it!

Here are some of our pictures on the boat that I hope can convince you – so much fun. 

dsc_2342dsc_2207    img_7254

img_7260 img_7263 img_7268 img_7269 Pros and Cons of a Sailboat holiday img_7279 img_7281 img_7295 img_7296 img_7297 img_7298 img_7300 img_7301    Pros and Cons of a Sailboat holiday

These are actually just a few pictures I took from our holiday on the boat. In totally I probably took over a hundred so I will not bore you with all of these!!!

But if you are curious you can watch them all here


Overall Sailing boats offer a totally different type of holiday where you are at leisure to travel/cruise as and when you please, this by far was the most exciting and attractive option for me.

If you have been on a sailing holiday please do share with me your Pros and Cons of a Sailboat holiday 🙂