Most of us have been cooped up indoors throughout the entire Summer season and just can’t wait to sun tan and take a refreshing dive in the pool or in beaches. With the cooler season approaching, it’s definitely time to buy a new bathing suit.

So with so many new and trendy styles to choose from, like I have highlighted below, how do you know which one to go for and what suits your body shape??




Here are a few tips to follow

When shopping for a bikini, Always take the time to obtain your current, correct measurements! Doing so will ensure that you will receive the proper size swimsuit – please keep in mind that due to hygenic reasons, there can be NO exchanges on swimwear if it doesn’t fit. Swimwear sizing is NOT standardized between brands and manufacturers, so the same size medium from another company may be completely different from a medium from us!

Keep in mind that swimwear is supposed to fit tightly when it’s dry – most all swimwear increases up to a half-size when wet. Ever see someone with ‘droopy drawers’ at the beach? Likely the result of purchasing a swimsuit that was a size too big. Getting your accurate size information will prevent this from happening to you! This may sound like a rather obvious statement, but many people don’t really see that. A woman may be a size 6 but there is still the possibility of those dreadful love handles

One major point of contention is how the top of the bikini fits, as there are many different shapes and styles. If you want to enhance the bust, then try on bikinis that have a bandeau top as they do enhance a smaller bust; possibly choose one with a bright pattern. Bold textures and prints give the illusion of a larger bust.

Remember, if you are wearing bikini swimwear that you feel good about and are comfortable in, then you may feel a little better about it when you are throwing your near naked body out there for the world to see. It also helps if you take a good friend with you when trying on bathing suits as they are more likely to be honest in their opinion.

Here are a few of my top choices for this season: (Ignore my choice of descriptions – theses are clearly not how the designers describe these styles!!)

1 – The flooty, boho style bikini top trend

How to Select a Bikini?

2. the crop top/surfer girl Bikini top trend


3. The funky swimsuit trend


4. The big girl pull ups/70s pin up girl bikini bottom trend


5. The im going to put every print I can think on trend


6. The halter neck Bikini top trend


7. I don’t know what to call these last 2 trends but I heart them…..


Hope this post has given you a few tips and/or inspiration on how to Select a Bikini