Traveling by air is already a hassle—but do you have to dress like an overweight luggage bag too? Whether you’re heading to hike in the Appalachians or sun in Malibu, flying in style is all about comfort and convenience. Follow these five simple tips and tricks to feel great before, during, and after the flight:

1. Comfort. Even if you aren’t sleeping during your flight, the compact air inside an airplane often makes people sweat and it’s wise to plan your outfit with that in mind. Jeans are particularly uncomfortable. Linen or velour travels well, and if you’re that kind of diva, a velour jumpsuit with all the essential jewelry is a complete outfit in itself. Just don’t forget to take the jewels off before going through a metal detector.

TIP: keep any jewelry you plan to wear when arriving or on the plane in a small zip-up bag and send it through the metal detector; you’ll have plenty of time to doll up while you wait for your plane to arrive.

2. Footwear. Unless you’re flying is by private jet to Florence like Blair Waldorf, you will have to take off your shoes at security. High heels are a no-no. Wear tights or socks so when you’re standing on the sticky vinyl floor, your little toesies aren’t suffering in the grime.

TIP: skin-colored low socks from American Apparel are great to wear in flats, which are easy to slip on and off at security.

3. Weather Change. Layers, Layers, Layers. It’s always a bit chilly in ‘craft carriers, pack a light zip-up in your carry-on if traveling to a warmer location. Moving from hot to cold? Make sure you wear enough warm clothes for when you arrive, which are sometimes difficult to fit in a small carry-on.

TIP: if traveling warm to cold, wear some of your heaviest clothing on the plane. It saves space in your suitcase!

4. Head Covering. Airplanes are sticky and gross. They are like sitting in a public restroom for the amount of time of your flight, except there’s 200+ others in the bathroom, you’re thousands of feet in the air, and there’s no circulation. While the friendly stewardesses do a fine job of keeping the air seemingly cool and temperature-controlled, that doesn’t prevent your face from getting oily and hair frizzing up. Wear a hat or loosely tied headband to pull your hair away from your face during the flight.

TIP: use your small allowance of carry-on liquids wisely: bring travel-size mouthwash, face wipes, lip balm, toothpaste, toothbrush, and any little make-up touch-ups you will have to use before you land. You will feel so much better!

5. Go Glam. Why not put a little glam-face on and travel like the celebrity you know you are? Ditch the sweatpants. Pull out the sunglasses and scarves.

TIP: Don’t forget that anything extra you wear is going to cost 1-2 extra minutes of hassle at security. But with a little planning ahead, sometimes it’s worth it.