Top 7 beach going essentials

Well today might have been the wrong day to write this post seeing as the weather is awful but no doubt the sun will be back out tomorrow!

Below I have complied my top 7 beach going essentials:

  1. Straw fedoras


The perfect way to keep the sun off your face and luck super stylish at the same time!

2. Sexy Swimwear


Not being super skinny I love to opt for a sexy swimsuit! I just always feel more comfortable

3. A beach tote


Beach totes are perfect as they allow you to carry everything you need. Your bags need to be roomy and lightweight, fun to look at but impervious to wear, stylish but not outrageously expensive. They need to dry quickly and hold a lot. No matter which beach you’re headed to, a tote is a chic, functional companion for your trip!

4. Alba Hawaiian Sun Aloe Vera Sunscreen


Sunscreen is definitely necessary and this Alba Hawaiian Sun Aloe Vera Sunscreen smells great and isn’t greasy. And I would be completely lost if I didn’t bring my favorite lip balm in the whole world with me. This smell of this stuff reminds me of the beach and works like a miracle.

5. Blistex Daily Conditioning Treatment for Lips


Perfect for the outdoor and sun – made with cocoa butter, aloe, vitamin E and has an SPF 20 in it.

6. A great book


A book is essential for any beach or pool trips. I’m a massive fan of Thrillers and always prefer an actually paper back than a kindle – though this isn’t ideal in the Sun!

7. Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla Leave-In Conditioner


There was a time in my life where I thought putting coconut oil in my ocean-wet hair was a great idea. I foolishly thought I was luxuriously moisturizing it in the summer sun while letting it air dry, when really I was cooking it. It took years for my hair to finally recover, and now I make sure to take a leave in conditioning spray with me instead. This Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla Leave-In Conditioner smells so good! Spraying this into ocean damp hair and tucking it up under your fancy sun hat is a better idea.

What would your top 7 beach going essentials be?