I’m sure we all know the fashion brand Forever21 – cheap and cheerful is how I would always describe it! (And more on the cheap side) It was my destination for throw away fashion and I never really valued the quality much however last month I stumbled across the below dress, I was actually looking for some jewelry and decided to take a quick detour.

I picked it up this dress because of the colour, I didn’t have time to try it on but for under 100 AED I thought what the hell! Anyway turns out I loved it! It was perfect for a fun flirty, holiday beach dress.




CSC_0173CSC_0170CSC_0169CSC_0172   CSC_0171

So in summary I still think Forever21 is a cheap fashion brand but you can pick up the odd bargain deal (but be careful as some of the items can look cheap and  fall apart after one wash)