When I travel being comfortable is important of course but so does looking good – normally travel involves a whole day so looking rough is only going to make me feel the same.  And of course their is that chance you get upgraded 🙂


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What I am wearing:

  • Light weight comfortable, of the shoulder, floral top (Bershka)
  • Comfortable jean (These are from Pull & Bear)
  • I am always going to travel in flats as if your late and rushing through the airport in heels it is just stupid! (Note you will have to take off and put on these shoes a few times and feet swell on flights so make them easy!)
  • I use two bags! One small to fit my essentials like passport and travel documents and the other much larger to fit book, makeup, headphones, Ipod etc
  • I ALWAYS pack a pashmina as the air-cone on flights can get rather chilly!
  • Keep jewelry and layers light as your only going to have to take it off at security
  • Add a watch on – you don’t want to miss any flights!