Do you ever get mysterious marks on your clothes? Or do you ever have a fabric marking pen or pencil that won’t wash out?

I used to use hairspray as a last resort when everything including OxyClean just wouldn’t remove make-up stains from my clothes or any annoying “mystery” stains.

Then I remembered that it was the alcohol in the hairspray that was dissolving the stain.

So…the next time I tried the most concentrated alcohol-based stuff we had in the house….”Hand Sanitizer” ! It was much more convenient to use than hairspray, I just had to pump it on and rub it into the stain, then toss the clothing into the washer along with a regular load. And to my worked ! So now I keep a bottle of “Hand Sanitizer” in the laundry area for those pesky stubborn stains. So far, it hasn’t affected the color of any fabric I’ve tried using it on, but of course, check in a hidden area to make sure that it doesn’t adversely affect the cloth.