Getting my fix of current trends all in one outfit it seems:

  • Off the should top = tick! (from Bershka current collection – view blog post)
  • Ripped jeans = tick
  • Statement necklace = tick
  • Mulberry Lilly = tick
  • Valentino studded flats = tick!








I’m looking rather smug here – i’m not sure why but my face cracks me up here! I think being a fashion blogger and being able to take the piss out of yourself is very important! I mean look at all these staged “natural” shots! I cringe to think if someone was looking.

Oh and something I feel I need to point out – all my OOTD shots are don’t with my tripod not husband!  The amount of people that tell me how patient my husband must be doing this every day! Yes he is patient but he is not a saint. I really don’t think I could drag him downstairs every morning to this!! So for all you single hot girls out their – no partners needed to get you outfit shots just a reliable tripod! 🙂

I don’t like the below shots but enjoy the awkwardness in my face and really random poses!!!