Here we are going to learn how to dress for your shape

You know when you see a girl, a stranger, a friend, and you think- she is sooooo cute! And you love her style!! Her clothes are amazing! You want to steal her entire look from head to toe! Ok maybe you’re not as creepy about it as I am, but don’t lie, you have some of these thoughts.

Want to know why you love what she’s wearing? And why you think she looks so fabulous?

It could be the trend, it could be her style, it could be a certain label, but it ALWAYS involves dressing for her body type. Always.

Meaning each of us have a “body type” but most of the women walking around in this world are completely unaware of this (which is a horrific thought). Knowing your body type, and dressing for it, is the foundation, the start, the 101 for defining your style, and feeling confident with what you wear.

What suits your best friend may not necessarily suit you. It’s important to understand the different body shape categories, so you know which one you fall into, and can start dressing in a way which flaunts your best assets.

The main body shapes are; apple, pear, strawberry and rhubarb. Whilst this may sound like a fruit bowl, these are the basic building blocks to dressing for your shape!

Apple shape

How to dress for your shape

If you’re an apple shape, you’re the most rounded of all the body shapes. Your hot points are your slender yet shapely legs. You are also likely to be in possession of a voluptuous and completely natural chest which you will have for the rest of your days.

  • Apple figures tend to have quite chunky arms, but usually very slim wrists.
  • If you have an apple shaped figure you usually gain weight around your tummy, and you don’t have much of waist.
  • That last bit might not sound so good, but there are many ways of creating a waist, for example:
    Wear tailored jackets and coats that nip in at the waist.
  • Go for A line skirts, as they make your hips look curvier, which makes your waist look smaller in comparison.
  • Wear thick belts around the waist, as they clinch it in, giving the illusion of a tiny waist.
    Invest in a corset – a good corset can take up to 6 inches off your waist.
  • Apple figures should wear V-Necks or wraparound tops, as they break up your torso, and make the most of your cleavage.
  • You can also wear pencil skirts to show off your shapely legs.
  • The apple shape should avoid wide leg jeans, as these make your legs look bigger, making you appear top AND bottom heavy. Instead, wear straight or boot-cut jeans, as these flatter the legs most.
  • To avoid the dreaded “muffin top”, wear mid-rise or even high-rise jeans to give the illusion of a slimmer silhouette.
  • Most importantly, apple figures should avoid clingy tops, as they may ride up – or else choose clingy tops that are long in the torso.
  • Also avoid polo necks, as they make you look top heavy. You want to emphasise those curves, not add extra bulk.

Pear Shape

How to dress for your shape

  • If you are a pear shape, it basically means you carry your weight on the bottom part of your body, like your bum and thighs. This means you tend to have a smaller chest. You also have curvaceous hips. Your best parts are your tiny waist and slim arms. Because you’re slimmer on top, you probably want to keep the attention focused on your upper body.
  • Pear shaped people look good in A line skirts, as they skim over hips. Another tip is to wear heels, as they lengthen and slim legs. Wedge heels also balance out thicker calves. It’s also a good idea to invest in waisted belts, as they draw attention to your already slim waist, and create more of an hourglass shape.
  • It’s also a good idea to wear eye catching earrings and necklaces, as they draw the attention up.
    Pear shaped girls should avoid wide leg jeans, as these make your legs appear wider than they are. Your perfect jeans are bootleg jeans, which you can wear with boots underneath, which makes your legs appear longer and slimmer.
  • Pear shaped girls should not overload on short skirts, especially if you have chunkier calves. Instead, high waisted pencil skirts are very flattering, as they show off your waist.
  • You should also avoid smock dresses, as they completely hide your top half, and usually show off your legs, which may not be your most flattering. If you want to wear a floaty smock dress, wear with black leggings, as they will make your legs appear a little slimmer.

Strawberry shape

If you have a strawberry shaped figure, you probably have a wide back and wide shoulders. It is very important that you dress properly if you’re a strawberry shape, as some clothes can make you look more masculine from the back – unless, of course, you want to look masculine from the back.

  • The main hot point of the strawberry figure is the full cleavage, which should be showed off with V-Necks or wide scooped necklines. As well as showing off your cleavage, these types of tops also soften your shoulders, balancing out your whole torso.
  • Strawberry shaped gals usually have slim legs, and these are showed off best with fitted skirts, or straight leg jeans. Ideally, team skirts and jeans with heels to lengthen your legs even more.
    As a strawberry shape, you probably gain most weight around your tummy. This means that you don’t have much of a waist. You may want to try wraparound dresses, as these accentuate your waist, giving you more of an hourglass shape. Also, wearing thick belts around the waist brings your tummy in, creating a more hourglass shape.
  • Strawberry shaped gals should avoid polo necks, as they make you look top heavy. Also, try to avoid heavy wool sweaters, as these add bulk to your tummy.
  • Also, make sure you have a properly fitted bra, as this can dramatically change the way clothes look on you. If you’re not comfortable with having a bigger cleavage, try a minimiser bra, as this will make your chest appear smaller.

Banana Shape

Bananas are mainly associated with monkeys, but you my sisters are no monkeys, you go straight up and down and are evenly balanced with no main focus points; all in all the model type body. You have relatively small breast, with hips and shoulders that are around the same measurements and your waist line is undefined with a flat bottom. Some women prefer your shape as most clothes fit you; nevertheless you have a deep desire for curves. Your challenge is to create an illusion of curves on the top and bottom. Avoid low-rise jeans and trousers as they tend to make your upper body longer. Victoria Beckham and Nicole Kidman are two banana shape celebrities.

  • Shoulders: jackets with embellished shoulder or shoulder pads will broaden your shoulders.
  • Bust: padded bras enhances the look of larger breast and turtle neck tops camouflage a flat chest      drawing attention to neck and away from the bust.
  • Waist: a belt added around the waist creates curves.
  • Hips: pencil skirts will and form-fitting clothing gives the appearances of curves.

Hourglass shape

  • The final figure I’ll mention is the hourglass figure. Think Marilyn Monroe, or Dita Von Teese.
    Hourglass figures have a full chest, small waist, rounded hips, and tend to carry weight on the legs.
  • If you have an hourglass figure, opt for sweetheart necklines, as they flatter your bust, and draw attention away from potentially chunky arms. Wear cropped jackets which nip in at the waist, as they emphasise your already small waist.
  • Don’t be tempted to hide your curves under baggy clothes. You have the figure, so flaunt it!
    Heels are your best friend, and will make legs appear slimmer and longer.
  • Your perfect jeans are, as with most figures, boot cut. The darker the colour, the slimmer the effect, so try black jeans teamed with heels, for that ultimate slim leg look.

So I hope that might have helped you leant how to dress for your shape and you now know what to be looking out for when your next shopping

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