Closets are sometimes the most cluttered part of the home. If you’re at the point where you can’t match up a simple outfit, find your left sneaker or have the same sweaters you wore in junior high, it’s time to reorganize and simplify your closet. Here’s how:

  • Try On All Of Your Clothes – Yes, everything. Look in a mirror and scrutinize. Does it really look good on you? If it doesn’t, then try one of the following tips:
  • Sell Unwanted Clothes On eBay Or Consignment – These are best left to popular pieces of clothing: designer, what’s in season or “forever” pieces like business suits and peacoats. Make sure your clothing is in the best condition possible to get the highest price.
  • Toss Away Clothes Beyond Repair – This means your holey socks, underwear with the no-longer-elastic waistband and shirt that has stains on its stains. Recycle them by using them as rags or extra fabric.
  • Donate To Charity – You can also donate clothing in good condition to charities
  • Tag What Clothing Is Left – Put little tags or stickers on the clothing you have left. When you wear the item, take the tag or sticker off. After six months, see which clothes still have tags or stickers and re-evaluate them for eBay, consignment or donation. You haven’t worn the clothes in half a year!
  • Use Stackable Plastic Boxes – Plastic boxes, especially transparent ones, allow you to utilize space you wouldn’t normally have in your closet. Since they stack flush against each other, you’re able to pile them while clearly seeing what’s inside. These are especially good for shoes, accessories, ties and hats.
  • Install Wall Hooks – Whether cup hooks or another type of hook, these allow you to utilize bare walls to hang belts, scarves, necklaces, pocketbooks and more.
  • Store Seasonal Clothing Separately – To free up space in your closet, store seasonal clothes in plastic bins or other appropriate storage measures.
  • Reinvent And Simplify Your Wardrobe – If you have the means, reinvent your wardrobe and simplify your life with basic wardobe planning. However, don’t bring in more clothing unless you get donate or sell clothing you already have.

Do you have any tips on shorting out your wardrobe would be great to hear them?

Here is an old Youtube video on my wardrobe in my old flat – new villa is slightly different