So your here because you want to know how to pick a good party frock??

Ok first of all who actually says “party frock” any more what was I thinking? I guess I could change but im going to stick with it now! I feel all nostalgic!

Isn’t shopping for a party/do so much fun, your excited about going and want to look good but sometimes we can get carried away and overwhelmed with he choice on the hughstreet! I know I do, so I thought I would do a post on How to pick a good party frock.

Basically my key point here is don’t be blinded by the oversized sequins. Its so easy to go OOT but try and keep it simple.

Here are some simple guidelines to help you find the perfect dress:

1. Go for a more glamorous version of something you usually look good in.

Parties are not the place to experiment with a whole new look. Come to think of it, no public event is ever the place to experiment with a whole new look – you should be doing that in the fitting room, before you even get your credit card out, let alone before you allow anyone else to see your interesting take on leggings and Manolos. If you don’t normally feel comfortable in 4inch heels with your boobs out, the fact it’s a party won’t alter that.

2. Don’t be seduced by novelty.

That floor-length magenta show-stopper may look stunning, but it is in the sales precisely because thousands of other woman realised they’d look awful in it. We must heed that wisdom.

3. Pick the right Colour

One easy way to ensure that you look your best is to pick the right color for your dress. Understanding which colors look good on you requires a few simple tricks, and then you’re on your way to looking your best all the time— Check out how to check your right colour here

4. Don’t forget accessories.

Even the most fabulous, bright blue Balmain, knocked down to a bargain £25, say, is absolutely no use if you haven’t already got – or aren’t prepared to buy – the perfect shoes and bag to wear with it.

5. Underwear

This can make or break a dress – make sure you are wearing the right sort! It sounds obvious but I see so many people get this so wrong – the outfit could be great but if you bra straps or knickers are showing…. just don’t do it!

Here are some lessons I have learnt when dressing up for a party..

(What is with me today! Who, and at my age, goes to a party any more?! by party I mean special occasion)

Here are some frocks that worked and why they worked for me:

1. Keep it simple

A pretty pale blue dress with pastel and nude accessories – I let the dress work it and kept everything else simple. 

2. Pick your favorite colour

I just love coral, so naturally I will feel good wearing it and paired with gold its a sure success. 

3. Block Colour

Following on from the above I love colour and so obviously love pairing bright colors together. Its easy to do and basically means you can wear any colors together!

4. Highlight your features

I love showing of a bit of back, its maybe the only part of me im happy to show off (maybe because you cant see any fat!!)

5. Invest, invest, invest

I wasn’t sure when I bough this skirt as it was 600 AED but boy have I got my wear out of it and love doing so every time. I always feel “expensive” in it, which is always a nice feeling. 


And some frocks that didn’t…..

1. Go Plunging

NEVER again all night long I felt so uncomfortable and on edge, that any second now my nipple was going to poke out! Not ideal if you want to feel confident in an outfit. 

2. Fitted

Im never 100% happy with my figure, specially my tummy so wear this dress to brunch was just STUPID!!  Don’t go tight if you comfortable with what it shows. Breating in all day wasn’t ideal.  

3. Go with first impressions

I loved the idea of the dress to wear to a Summer outdoor party (and it was in the sale) so I tried it on and was like yer its nice, i’m sure it will look better when i’m all done up etc. I wore it but never really thought it flattered me so if you not 100% sure in the changing room PUT IT BACK! 

4. Playing it Cool

I decided I couldn’t be bothered to wear heals to an evening do and while my feet where happy all night long I did regret it when I was the only one wearing flats and I thought all the other girls looked super elegant and slim! I felt stumpy and short. 

So their you have some tip on how to pick a good party frock and reasons why I was happy/unhappy with my party frocks! Do you have any tips to share?