Here is my take on how to wear a maxi dress

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#OOTD Max&Co Coral Maxi Dress

#OOTD Fiery red and yellow maxi - How to wear a Maxi dress

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Follow these simple 7 steps on how to wear a maxi dress

1. Dust off the cobwebs and put on that cute, fashionable maxi Dress. Maxi dresses are great to wear in the spring and summertime.

2. Do the top of your outfit. Hair is the first thing you want to consider when wearing a maxi dress because it is at the top of the “pyramid.” The best way to wear your hair is up. A cute, stylish, simple bun can set the rest of the outfit off. However, you don’t have to wear your hair up, you can wear it down with curls.

3. Do the middle of the outfit. You do not need a lot of heavy jewelry, and you can even wear none at all. A simple, short, cute necklace and any type of earrings can be worn. Bangles are great, also. Don’t over-do the jewelry.

4. Do the bottom of the outfit. Shoes are what everyone worries about when it comes to a maxi dress. Sandals are the best type of shoe to pair with the dress. They are both stylish and comfortable, and they go with the flow of the whole outfit. Any type of low platformed shoes (sandals, toms, etc.) is great with maxi dresses.

5.Spray on a soft perfume to set off the whole look.

6. Put on your make-up to be soft and natural looking. Nothing too out there. You want to look and feel free.

How to wear a maxi dress

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