Having just had a baby this is a serious issue at the moment and their is nothing more annoying than trying on a million different clothes only to realize that the problem is not the clothes, but your bulging tummy. It can be hard to find things that hide your tummy but at the same time looks good too, so here are your top 10 ways to hiding a tummy pouch.

#1.  A Banded Top  

Banded tops are shirts that have a band at the hemline which is great for covering a tummy bulge. The only problem is that they are not really they “Sexy” or “fashionable” Yes to find one that I would actually wear!

Something like the below is the best ive seen

#2.  Wrap Dresses and Shirts

Wrap dresses and wrap shirts are excellent for hiding your tummy pouch. Choose them in colorful patterned styles since the eye will be drawn eye from the problem area.

You might think this sounds a bit muzzy but pairing a cute printed wrap dress with some boots and fun accessoreis can look bang on trend

Image result for street style Wrap Dresses boots

#3. Shapewear

Shapewear is another great way to help hide your trouble spots, although they can be a little uncomfortable to wear at times. Stick to shapewear only when needed though!

Image result for shapewear for women

#4. Get the Right Fit

Stick to your size and your body structure. Wearing something too small and too tight will only accentuate the problem and wearing something that is too large for you will only make it obvious that you’re trying to hide something. Instead, stick to a happy medium: your true size!

Image result for fitted outfit

#6. Wear a Fitted Jacket

Don’t cover up in a big jacket…it will only make you look bigger! Instead, try a fitted jacket that enhances your silhouette and nips at the waist.

Image result for fitted jacket streetstyle women

#7.  Empire Waist Tops

Empire waist tops are great for hiding a tummy bulge since it nips right under the bust and hangs straight down all the way, hiding that unwanted roll of fat that you hate so much.

Image result for Empire Waist Tops

#8. Avoid Pants With Waist Detail

Put away your pants/jeans that have a lot of waist detail such as lots of pockets, bows, belts, etc, since this will only bring attention to the tummy area. Instead, stick to really plain and simple flat front pants with little or no detail at the waist.

#9. Select the Right Fabrics

Tight, stretchy fabrics will only accentuate your tummy. Instead, opt for more free-flowing fabrics such as cotton which will not cling to your body.

#10. Never Tuck Your Shirt In

Let the shirt flow over the pants, which will elongate your torso and hide your tummy. If your shirt is too long (too big), then it’s just not a good fit for you!