Top 5 style tips on How to wear anything and tweaking your chic.

Did you ever notice how some women can barely pull off wearing a pair of jeans and a T-shirt without looking like they are about to clean out the garage? While there are others who are the masters of the craziest, most way out combination that always seems to work on them!

First off, style has nothing to do about money. Great style doesn’t have to be expensive, just look at the over-trussed actresses on the red carpet or the ladies with plenty of spare time to spend at the mercy of the best store in town. Yes, they are wearing the best clothes, but they may not be the best clothes for them.

Style Maxim #1:

Be comfortable in what you wear. I’m not saying comfort in the way of baggy sweats but feel comfortable and at ease in the clothes that you are wearing or it will show in your face and posture, an instant style downer.

Style Maxim #2:

Have the self- confidence to know that you are amazing and everyone else will think the same. There’s a bit of the “Emperor’s New Clothes” to pulling off something daring—if you believe, ‘they’ will believe.

Style Maxim #3:

Tweak it to make it your own. A few nips and tucks at the tailors never hurt anyone. As a matter of fact it’s those minor seamstress alterations that can make for the most flattering fit. Don’t forget that it’s not about how much something costs – more about how something fits you and flatters your figure.

Style Maxim #4:Personalize it. Be inspired by someone else’s look but never cookie- cutter copy it for you. Experiment, play, and edit until you discover that secret something that makes style personal on you.

Add an accessory or two or three — a curated drawer of jewelry, scarves, belts, and fashion fashionable extras is what makes the simple dress look different and spectacular each day.

Style Maxim #5:

Own it. No, not in the sense that you dumped that last revolving payment of your credit card on that outfit but more that YOU believe in you and you believe in how fantastic that look is on YOU. There’s a certain amount of self-assurance and self-pride that comes with winning — practice what it takes to develop winning style. The more you win, the more you’ll be at the top of your game. Have fun. Be gorgeous.*

So their you go – my top styling tips on how to wear anything! Let me know your thoughts