All you need to know about where to find Vintage and Pre Loved Clothing in Dubai

I find womens vintage fashion delightful, don’t you? Not to mention its uniqueness. Just imagine wearing a piece of history that exudes originality. The chances on stumbling upon someone with the same piece are slim. You’ll definitely stand out from the crowd. What was popular in the past has come back into fashion again. And that’s the way it’s going to be in the future.

But in Dubai unfortunately it is not so readily avaiblie. I used to absolutely love living back home in the UK and shifting through all the rails in vintage stores – you never what treasure you will stumble across! Although its not quite the same read on to discover where you can get you vintage clothing fix here in Dubai

Five places where can you find vintage and pre loved clothes in Dubai

1. So Chic

 So Chic gives a new life to your wardrobe by offering at a decent price on items that other people no longer want.

The Pop-up Sales take place in the trendiest spots of Dubai, each time providing a fun and exclusive shopping experience, far from the classic shopping experience at the mall!

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2.  Garderobe 

 Garderobe offers numerous exquisite treasure of vintage fashion from the 1930’s to the 1980’s handpicked from around the world, our collection is a mixture of everyday classics and designer pieces such as Yves Saint Laurent, Lanvin, Dior, and Nina Ricci.

Perfect for the fashionistas of Dubai wanting to stand out in the crowd, this new boutique offers unique items not found anywhere else.

Updated on a weekly basis, you’re guaranteed to find something new every visit; so whether you’re looking for that vintage suit, the perfect LBD, a 60’s purse, or ‘The’ pair of sunglasses, im sure that have got it all…

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3. Reems

Reems closet located in Mazaya shopping centre opened in May 2008, they began as a shop for pre-owned designer handbags. Over the past five years, the shop has grown and become a prime destination for fashionistas who love a bargain.

Reems closet has been touted as one of the Dubai’s “Ethical Shops”. In an age of environmental consciousness, the idea of recycling gently used designer items resonates with ethical shopper who appreciate quality but don’t want to contribute to the impact on the natural and human resources that go into producing designer items.

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4. Shedd

Shedd was created by the founders of Dubizzle as a platform for users to sell unwanted clothing to other users. It’s pretty simple – you scroll through the hundreds of items on the app and arrange to meet the sellers personally to collect your goods and hand over the cash. Some items are also available to be delivered, which can make things a lot easier. You’ll find some great bargains and there are a lot of sellers also selling new items (many of which are imported from other countries). The only issue with Shedd is having the time to meet users to buy your items. It can be a little difficult to arrange but if you can, there are some great second-hand bargains.

4. The Luxury Closet

This company sells pre-loved designer clothing on its UAE based website at a fraction of the original price. When it launched in 2011, it mainly focused on bags and leather goods but it has since expanded hugely and stocks an extensive range of products. The site is updated daily with new items and prices are often reduced further. You can find some truly amazing bargains on the site. We found a Stella McCartney skirt for just Dh150 and a Prada top for just Dh281. You can pay online and all items will be delivered to your door within 2-3 days within the UAE.

5. Dubai Charity Centre

One of Dubai’s oldest charity stores, Dubai Charity Centre in Karama doesn’t just sell clothes but books, household items and everything in between too. You can pick up clothing from anywhere between Dh5 and Dh25 but you’ll never pay much more than that. Admittedly it does take some searching through rather bad quality stuff to find stylish pieces but they are in there, trust us! We found high-street branded pieces for Dh10 and less.

So Why I love Vintage Fashion:

There are many reasons, unique style being one of them. If you’re not convinced here are my top points:

  • Womens vintage clothing is a green option. Ok, so saving the nature might not be the first thing on your mind when you’re looking for vintage, but hey, you’re wearing something original while saving our earth!
  • Vintage clothes has unusual fabrics and tailoring. The pieces have patterns and details that you often can’t see in stores today. That’s a total wow-factor when it comes to fashion!
  • It’s not like the cookie-cutter clothes you see in our stores today. Vintage is unique and available in limited edition, and that prevents your style from becoming mainstream.
  • Vintage fashion has something for everyone. You can find something in vintage fashion thatsuits your personal style. Fashion today has been recycled from all kinds of different eras — dramatic Art Deco 20’s-30’s, tailored 40’s-50’s, flowy hippie 60’s-70’s, rock & urban period 80’s — so really. There’s something for everyone!
  • Vintage clothing never goes out of style. (Ok, I’m not talking about the really, reaaaally old vintage, like Victorian, frilly pieces).
  • Vintage is hip. It’s timeless. It’s stylish.

But only if you wear it right 😉 You’ll have to adapt to our modern society, so you might want to mix vintage with staples to balance the overall look.

Here is some vintage street style inspiration for you