Last night I visited Sho Cho and I loved it!

OK so it took nearly an hour to get their (as I live on the Palm and Sho Cho is all the way at the far end of Jumeirah at Dubai Marina but it was worth it.

Here are all the details you need to know

About Sho Cho:

Sho Cho is a Japanese restaurant and lounge that opened in way back in 2000, which I actualy cant beilve as I have never heard for it. (I also opened in Abu Dhabi in 2007.)

What is the best bit about Sho Cho:

The combination of Oceanside dining (which makes you feel miles away from the husttle and bussle of Dubai) lounging and resident international DJs has made Sho Cho my newest hot spot

A truly unique dining and late night party venue.


Furnished with large white leather sofas on one side and traditional dining tables on the other brings the ancient oriental culinary form of the future. The combination of ocean side dining and lounging and our resident international dj’s has made Sho Cho a truly unique dining and late night party venue.


Enjoy an extensive array of cocktails and signature drinks.


Based on last night they are pretty chic with cool beats from recedent dj


The menu is contemporary Japanese and has an extensive balance between cooked food and the more traditional Japanese sushi menu. This mades Japanese food more accessible to people who are not too adventures with their palate by giving them the option to try some wonderful Japanese delicacies without the hesitation of eating a raw fish.

The Food last night was extreamly fresh, presented nicely and very yummy

The restaurant is open from Sunday to Saturday 7pm – 3am.

Food images: 




Sho Cho

Sho Cho

View the full menu here

Venue images:

Sho Cho

Sho Cho

Sho Cho

Full address: 

Jumierah Beach Road, Jumierah 1 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Full details:

To find out more and book visit their website here

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