Lets look at getting clothes tailored in Dubai

If you live in Dubai you must know about all the tailors and how super cheap they are but if you are anything like me you will have a pile of clothes or special fabric that you want to take to the tailors but then they end up sitting in a bag in the boot of your car for over a year (no joke) hoping that one day you will make it to Satwa or Bur Dubai!

So first of all why have your clothes tailored:

Making the right alteration is a simple way to make clothes way more flattering

  1. Get a perfect fit – Almost every woman struggles to find a certain type of garment in shops. For example when the pants fit you on your waist, but they are too short on your legs. Others struggle to find a shirt that fits on the shoulders and isn’t too loose on your waist. Obviously this happens because every body is different and it’s not just about hourglass, pea or triangle shapes. When I bought a tailored skirt, the left side needed to be smaller because my left thigh seems to be smaller than the right one. Small details like that decide if a piece fits you well or not. Even your posture influences the pattern. To produce a ready-made garment for a shop, they have to decide for one pattern and size. Though this size is standardized doesn’t mean that it fits everyone.
  2. Feel more comfortable – The moment you start to wear tailored clothes you will never want to wear anything else. A piece that fits you perfectly is just so much more comfortable to wear and will feel like a second skin. No more twitching to get the piece back where it belongs. Instead it flatters the nice areas of your body and hides the bad bits (and we all have them).
  3. It’s about the perfect pattern – Making the perfect pattern can take a lot of time. It’s about finding the perfect place for the seam or the right draping. That’s plenty of time most labels we usually buy from can’t afford because they have to keep up with the speed of the industry and trends. They try to incorporate a trend in their collection but don’t spend enough time to get a perfect pattern. And a great pattern is what makes the difference when you wear a piece. Who likes having too much fabric where you don’t need it or fabric that makes strange bulges.
  4. Get creative and decide yourself – The best part about it is, that you are able to decide. Ask the designer about fabrics, lining, colors, details… the possibilities are endless. Get creative and help the designer to create your perfect piece.
  5. Get a one of a kind piece – Are you annoyed by those H&M or Zara pieces every single of your friends or collegues owns? Then you should get a tailored piece that stands out from the mass. A tailored garment will always be a one of a kind piece. It’s unique. It can be super simple and have that one beautiful detail you will never be able to find on a ready-to wear piece.
  6. You’ll appreciate it more – When you get a piece tailored you’ll be involved in the process of the fabrication. Like the fact that you get to know the piece, you can see how it works and even how it gets produced. You might get to know the person that makes your clothes, which makes it even more fun. It takes some time after you ordered it until it’s ready, but you just get even more excited for the moment when you’re finally able to wear it.

10 Tips on getting your getting clothes tailored in Dubai: 

  1. The right fit can makes things look expensive.
  2. Sleeve shortening, pant hemming and tapering are easy wins.
  3. Bargain items can be made to look more expensive by replacing the details.
  4. But be aware that the cost of alterations has nothing to do with the cost of the item being altered.
  5. Alter clothing you love that doesn’t fit right, not clothing you don’t even like.
  6. Alterations are technically to adjust fit, not style. If you want to change the latter, be prepared to pay reconstruction costs.
  7. Learn the general rules of what can be taken in and what can be let out.
  8. Natural fibers (wool, specifically) are best to work with, but most fabrics are workable.
  9. Don’t be afraid to think big.
  10. Build a relationship with your tailor and respect their craft. 

What about the cost

It’s obvious and I won’t be lying to you, that getting your tailored garment might get a little expensive. The main reason for this is, that the person who makes the piece is a highly skilled seamstress/tailor who earns a fair wage. Still, if you have never given it a try before you should think about investing in a tailored piece. See it as an investment in a more timeless and concious wardrobe – this is a huge trend! Keep in mind that what makes it expensive to get your clothes tailored is when you wish for complicated patterns or pieces that need many hours to be made. A new basic top or pants instead are affordable and so worth the investment.

If you have any tips on getting clothes tailored in Dubai please do share