The Best of Street Style from Around the Globe

Global street fashion style

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Some of the best outfit ideas are from the London street fashion and New York street fashion. Well, in fact, from everywhere really! If you’re tired of mainstream fashion established by well-known designers in fashion houses and designs, than street fashion style inspiration is something for you! 

So What Exactly is Street Fashion?

It’s style created by youth culture — mostly young people on the streets of large urban areas. They don’t necessarily follow what’s “in” but they often put together outfits that reflect their personality and mood. And since they’ve create something that’s totally them, it looks so good because they feel comfortable in it! It is usually a bit eclectic – very mixed but up-to-date.

How Do You Achieve Street Style?

You’ll have to experiment and express yourself with pieces that reflect your personality.

Mix your overall style with quirky and unconventional pieces that reflect your “other personality”. Like for example a classy blazer look with a pair of geek-chic glasses to. Studded boots. Or how about adding a pair of vintage Mary-jane shoes? It’s a lot about putting together an outfit that has a “hook”. Learn more about it in my outfit ideas-series.

Street fashion is all about looking casual, showing personality and having fun!

Street Fashion Style Blogs from Around the Globe

For fashion inspiration, here’s a list of recommended street style blogs from different countries!




Scandinavia, Northern Europe

Western Europe

Eastern Europe






Australia and New Zealand

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