Here we have a dress in my favorite colour – coral or burnt orange! Its so vibrant and I love to wear it. I shot this dress in the desert about 6 months ago (just getting around to posting it now) and note to self – love desert shots especially these taken at sunset, I think post babies and get back to shape and some sort of routine another trip is a must!

This is the perfect “special occasion” dress as its quite unique and very distinctive. I would wear this dress for a wedding or some very fancy night out/special occasion.

I love wearing gold accessories with this colour, as worn here, but you could also opt for another vibrant colour pallet, lets say royal blue, if you were feeling very bold or tone it down with nude. I guess you could also go with black but personally I don’t like doing this as I think its an obvious/boring choice.


csc_0784 csc_0783 csc_0781 csc_0780 csc_0779 csc_0777