What does a day at  IMG World of Adventures look like??

Last weekend my family from Al Ain was visiting Dubai and they have an 8 year old son, so the natural decisions was to take him to IMG World of Adventures! I’m not sure who was more excited him or me! I LOVE the thrill of a theme parks and couldn’t wait to see what IMG World of Adventures had to offer us!

My concern was that it was mainly for Children and the ques would be horrific. I was wrong!

I’m going to break it down in sections – stick with me as it is a lot to take in. Well it is after all the largest indoor theme park in THE WORLD!

The Park Design

From the outside IMG World of Adventures doesn’t look that big! I mean it looks big but not the biggest in door theme park in the world! its when you actually step inside and walk around the park that you get the real understanding of big the park is.

Not only is it HUGE but its also just cool! I’m actually don’t know it I have enough street cred to use the word “cool” but I cant think of a better work to sum it up!

Here are some images to highlight the size and IMG World of Adventures design 






IMG World of Adventures

The Rides:

The most important bit! Well this is the main reason why I was so excited and I was not disappointed in fact I was left very impressed and IMG World of Adventures exceed all my expectations.

IMG World of Adventures is split into 3 main themed areas (1. Marvel, 2. The Lost Valley and 3. Cartoon Network) and the Boulevard!

1. Marvel

Here you will find all you Iconic Super Hero favorites including: Spider-Man, The Hulk, Iron Man, Thor and The Avengers. Lots of action-packed and fun rides

IMG World of Adventures

Avengers Battle of Ultron

This a 3D ride where you join Marvel’s Iron Man, Thor, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Captain America and the Hulk as they take to the skies to battle the evil villain Ultro! Not what you call knuckle gripping but amazing technology and defiantly fun for the kids.

Hulk Epsilon Base 3D

Take your motion-seat in the circle shaped cinema dome to see the Marvel character battle in stunning 360 3D experience. Again the special effects are amazing, I loved it!

Spider-Man Doc Ock’s Revenge

This is a “mini” roller coaster but still lots of fun. The ride takes you spinning (literally) trough the city with Spiddy! Lots of stomach jerks but just wish it could have lasted a bit longer.  I think however the 8 year old we had with us was very happy for it to end 🙂

Thor Thunder Spin

Just OMG! I think this was my favorite. I don’t know if it was because when I got on the ride I had no idea what was in store or the fact that it was just awesome! So basically you all sit pinned in your seat, in two long rows, while the ride spins you round and round! The best bit is when you are actually suspend for what seems like minutes (mere seconds) upside down, at the top, until the ride flips you around again.

Avengers Flight of the Quinjets

We didn’t do this as its just a small ride but here it the copy from the website – Take control of your own two-seat Quinjet and take flight with other Quinjets in a fun race… Suitable for all ages, join Marvel’s finest on this fun ride.

2. The lost Valley

The prehistoric lost world of dinosaurs is roaring back to life with a bang in the Lost Valley – here you will find a mix of rides –  a few rides that are sure to make you screen and a few more suited for children.


The Velociraptor

I want to say this is the best ride but then I think of Thor (the two rides are actually very different) Let me different – this is the best roller coaster! You will see this when you drive into the park as it is the only ride that takes you outside. You start inside and pause at the huge doors waiting for them to open. As they do I expect to see the track rise in front of me and expect to climb before we are spun round and round but actually that’s not the case. The ride blast you from inside and then projects you around the track. Apart from the actual thrill of the ride, the other thing I loved is that it wasn’t over in a few seconds, you actually keep going for quite a while. Not for the weak and faint hearted!

Lost Valley Dark Ride at IMG Worlds of Adventure

Forbidden Territory

This is a lovely tame ride. You sit in a look a like 4by4 and enter the Forbidden Territory where you are transported through time and get up close with life-size dinosaurs! I just thought it was really funny (A nice family ride)



What goes up, must come down… This is my second favorite roller coaster! I rushed onto it with out actually looking around the corner, where I would have seen the vertical climb we where about to take! This got my heart pounding, I definitely didn’t expect that in an indoor theme park! Oh and we where sitting on the front! Aren’t I brave.

At this point I should point that the 9 year old didn’t actually ride any of the Roller Coaster – they do look very scary!

3. Cartoon Network

Cartoon lovers can find plenty of reasons to smile in the Cartoon Network zone but this area is definitely much more suited for the little ones!

The Powerpuff Girls – Mojo Jojo’s Robot Rampage!

Saying this section of the park is more suited for Children this ride is the exception!  Join The Powerpuff Girls and take to the sky! This ride flings you round and upside down. The 8 year old I was with looked terrified but braved the ride and really enjoyed it! (Or maybe he was just putting on a brave face)


The Amazing Ride of Gumball

This ride is actually really fun and gets rather competitive or maybe that was just me and my husband. I know nothing of  Gumball but basically their school science project had gone out of control and you need to save the day by competing with your friends to zap the objects that have come to life and are threatening to take over the town! You are given a zapper gun and at the end of the ride your score comes up on a screen.

I did not go on any of the other ride so took the blur from the website 


Ben 10 5D Hero Time

Join Ben and Rook at Plumber Headquarters for your first day as a Plumber trainee… but with villain Khyber The Huntsman around it’s not going to be an easy introduction. Prepare to be fully immersed in Ben’s world in this epic multi-sensory adventure – get ready to battle evil and experience pulse-racing action!


Adventure Time – The Ride of OOO with Finn & Jake

Soar high over the Cartoon Network Zone as you join Finn and Jake on a journey through the Land of Ooo. Visit the varied and vibrant kingdoms and encounter the Ice King, a host of Princesses and a cast of other extraordinary characters.


Step into the world of Lazy Town for an interactive adventure full of climbing, adventure and other fun and exciting experiences! There’s something for everyone. Learn some dance steps with Stephanie’s Dance School and explore Robbie Rotten’s secret lair!

Lazy Town Pirates Adventure – Guests must pre-book at the attraction to take part. There is limited availability and participation cannot be guaranteed. Late arrivals for a reserved time slot will result in the loss of a booking with no guarantee of re-booking.

The Best Part


Visit the Haunted Hotel if you dare! Located on the Boulavard and stand along from the other 3 sections. Its AMAZING! Only if you like being scared that is!

Negotiate a maze of corridors and changing scenery, encountering all sorts of scary characters against a ghoulish backdrop. Hold your nerve as you try to find the exit… Immersive entertainment has never been this frightening!

Warning! This attraction is only open to guests aged 15 and older – after walking around I totally understand why! Parts of it are rather disbursing – specifically thinking of seeing the mad doctor, covered in blood, surrounded by severed body parts and then enter a screening actor which a body suit on which looked like all his skin had been pealed off! Enough said!


I was shocked with the prices of food in the restaurants and I mean in a good way. We dinned at an “all you can eat” Indian buffet for only 90 aed and the quality of the food was amazing!

There where also so many dinning options to choose from as you can see below (Copy taken from the website as funny enough I only went to one place for lunch!)



Tony’s Skydeck

Enjoy the best steak and seafood at IMG Worlds of Adventure’s premier restaurant: Tony’s Skydeck.  Tony Stark’s own restaurant on the upper floors of the Avengers Tower is the place to sit back and soak in the spectacular views over the city while enjoying a fine dining experience that is as hip as it is refined. Tony Stark is a man of exquisite taste – why not join him at the Chef’s Table (seats six) for the true VIP experience.


Chang’s Golden Dragon

An old-style city favorite located in the Marvel Zone.   Order a specialty Pan-Asian dish or two in this sharing style casual dining restaurant and feel the heat generated by spectacular flaming woks in the open kitchen! Bring your friends and family for an experience you’ll not soon forget.


Mama Scano’s Of Yancy Street

Where better for an unforgettably fun meal than the bustling Mama Scano’s, where the hardworking staff uphold the best of Italian culinary traditions, laughing and joking with guests (and each other) throughout the day and night. The best wood-fired pizza and freshly made paninis and pasta in town, Mama Scano’s has perfected the art of raucous hospitality over generations.


Downtown Shawarma

Grab a quick bite at The Avengers’ favorite hangout… sit and eat or grab and go while enjoying the urban vibe. Nothing helps a Super Hero fight battles better than a well-crafted shawarma.  Our team has a range of different takes on the shawarma sure to satisfy any budding Super Hero’s craving.

Cartoon Network


CN Feast

Join your favorite Cartoon Network characters in this family-friendly restaurant where the excitement doesn’t stop for the ultimate interactive dining experience. Situated over two floors, relax and have fun meeting and posing for photos with Cartoon Network stars while you enjoy delicious international-style cuisine in a casual dining environment.


Richard’s Around the World Café

You don’t have to go far to travel, or so the saying goes… why not take your taste buds on a trip of a lifetime at Richard’s Around the World Café, where the gourmet menu is international in flavor with a twist and the vibe is modern and friendly. Bring your passport for a culinary voyage of the senses!


Finn & Jake’s – Everything Burrito

Adventuring heroes need sustenance – where better to find it than at Finn & Jake’s – Everything Burrito? Made with the freshest ingredients, these are burritos, and more, to write home about… No wonder everyone travels across the Land of Ooo for a fabulous Finn & Jake burrito!

Lost Valley


Spice Valley

Deep in the Lost Valley, Spice Valley serves delicious Indian inspired cuisine to satisfy even the most famished of dinosaur handlers… Take a seat and soak up the atmosphere… the shimmering gas-fired tandoor ovens and the flame roasted rotisserie meats; this is Indian hospitality at its best. Just make sure you’re hungry before you join us at this buffet style restaurant.

This is where we ate, we decide here as all of a sudden we realized it was quite late and where all quite hungry and this was right next to where we where!


Carnivore Hut – brought to you by Wingstop (America’s Number 1 Chicken Wing concept)

The Carnivore Hut has been serving up the very best chicken wings from a small window since it was opened decades ago by a ship’s cook grown tired of the island’s fruit. Taste the chicken wings that have been perfected over generations and discover for yourself why being marooned in the Lost Valley isn’t quite as bad as people say.

360 Express

Catch your breath from all the excitement outside in this contemporary Emirati gem. Turn up the heat with our sizzling stuffed jalapeños, cool off with homemade creamy pastas, or treat yourself to the best crunchy wraps in town. Try our tiered burgers or heart melting Lava cakes – 360 Express makes everything to order.

IMG Boulevard


Boulevard Gourmet

Visit this center of culinary excellence situated over two floors and taste the very best food from each of the four continents. There is something here for everyone, even the most world-weary traveller. Sit back and let us amaze you. The view of the terrace is breathtaking.


Samosa House

Taste the exotic flavors of samosas from all over the region at Samosa House… This casual dining Indian street food restaurant brings to life the ancient art of samosa and chai – a delight for the senses and fun for all the family.

Having walked past all the restaurants I have to say this one looked the most fun!


Flavors of Arabia

A smart-casual eating experience to rank alongside the best of Dubai restaurants, Flavors of Arabia serves the greatest contemporary Arabic-world cuisine in an environment that is elegant but informal. This is destination dining at its best – sensory indulgence to satisfy the most demanding tastebuds.


The Coffeehouse

Did someone say fine coffee, freshly baked breads, pastries, salads, soups, and sandwiches? Get to The Coffeehouse for the best coffee and freshly baked products in town…. let the aromas of freshly brewed coffee and fresh bread transport you.

Note their are lots of other food outlets that include food trucks, carts and snack but I have just focused on the actual restaurants as I though this blog post was getting long enough!!!

The shops

As you would expect their is a shop to walk through after every ride!


I also wanted to note that their is a large cinema screen being build and almost complete.

And to end with, well me!

14504914_571236936403273_3605049755597537280_n 14716620_625789527592608_2683928108402212864_n

Me about to ride the Thunder Bold and killing time the queues for the haunted house! Oh and that brings nicely onto the subject of queues before I sign off! Their was non! I know this is not great for the park but great for us. I was informed that on a Friday it is packed! So very glad we chose a Saturday where we walked on to EVERY RIDE  (except the haunted hotel) without any queue what so ever and pretty much all the rides we could stay on and go again if we wanted to!

And basically that is it!! – when are you going to plan your trip to IMG World of Adventures?

You can book tickets here. Tickets are 270 for adults and 225 for children