A while ago my husband and I where traveling from Spain to Dubai and got delayed in Barcelona for 8 hours so instead of wasting it hanging around at the airport, we dashed into Zara, brought a change a clothes, ie the below and of we went enjoying the sights of Barcelona for 6 hours before we had to head back and check in. I think this is what you would call making the best out of a bad situation!!!


IMG_4631 IMG_4629IMG_4627

I brought the dress and jewelry all from Zara that day! I got the dress in the sale and it did not wash at all well so that’s a goner! The jewelry was full price and as much I enjoy them I can’t rate them very well. The pendent fell apart after one wear (though I managed to put part of it back together) and the earring well I do love them but boy do they hurt!!! Max wear-age is a few hours!!