Watch our “mini” wedding video below:

You will need to enter the password: “trailer”

These Guys did a great job of summing up a fabulous day! I can thoroughly recommend them. They also do hilarious Marryoke – which I have now realized I never actually uploaded, must add this to the to do list!

A day packed with a wedding ceremony (funny that!!) a fabulous reception with The London Essential  (A must for any wedding) Magician, Singing Waiters, Evening Band, Fireworks and much more…..

Below was another little video that they kindly sent to use, at our request as this was one of the best parts of the day (I think I was actually rather hasty claiming it to be my best part, in my YouTube upload – this would be impossible to say!)

And here is the surprise video that I created for my Husband, to show at the wedding, in the evening – It went down very well, a good tip for other brides to be…

Its crazy how quickly time fly’s by! – now 8 months later 🙂 x